Got the Morning After Blues from My Head Down to My Shoes

In a perfect world, lovers would always wake up in a warm glow with smiles on their faces. After a leisurely morning romp, a sensuous shower together, another round of lovemaking, and perhaps a delicious brunch, they'd be ready to face the world. From start to finish, it would be all rapture, no regrets.

As most of us know, however, it usually doesn't work out quite this way. Along with those first rays of sunlight comes a dose of reality—not necessarily unpleasant reality, but hardly the stuff of which romantic movies are made. No matter how wonderful it was the night before, you may very well find yourself with a case of the morning-after blues. You might be filled with self-doubts and feelings of insecurity, and perhaps even questions about whether you really seduced the right person after all.

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