How This Book Is Organized

This book is divided into four parts that take you through the process of becoming—and remaining—seductive.

Part 1, "Becoming A Modern-Day Seductress or Seducer," begins with a new definition of seduction, as befits the new millennium we're about to enter. Next we'll discuss how you can use the process of goal setting to become seductive and attract the person, or persons, you want in your life. And then we'll analyze the individual elements of seductiveness—physical, intellectual, and emotional attractiveness—and we'll discover how these elements combine to create your unique essence or spirit. I'll give you lots of tips on how you can develop your seductiveness in all of these areas.

Now it's time to go out and begin field testing these theories on seductiveness. In Part 2, "Attracting Dates: Casting Your Spell," we'll begin by taking a closer look at what men and women find seductive in the opposite sex. Then we'll explore some of the places you can go to meet attractive people. After that, I'll share tips on how to approach that enticing someone, and how to give and read romantic signals. I've even devoted an entire chapter to the varieties of flirting—the harmless, the harmful, and the frankly seductive. I'll end Part 2 with a seductive guide to the "Big D"—the date itself—and I'll show you how you can use the date to get to know your partner and help plan a most delicious seduction.

In Part 3, "A Night To Remember," things really start heating up. Following a cautionary chapter about safe, responsible sex, we'll discuss how you can set the stage for seduction, and take advantage of the exquisite sexual tension that is building between the two of you. We'll also discuss those "pre-game jitters." And then I'll devote two chapters to tips on how to make the most of the delicious chemistry that has led you to this point—in other words, how to create a completely seductive experience that will leave you both smiling, and make you just want more.

Since seduction is not just a single act, Part 4 is all about the rest of the process. How do you keep a good thing going? We'll begin with a survival guide to the first "morning after," and what to do whether you know this is going to be the first and last morning after, or it knocked your socks off and you want more! Next we'll discuss how to keep the relationship intriguing indefinitely, by continuing to meet your partner's needs outside of the bedroom as well as in it. Then we'll take a delightful look at sexual fantasies, and how you can use them to add spice to your relationship and bring the two of you closer together. And finally, because no book on seduction would be complete without mentioning love, we'll explore this complex emotion, looking at the interplay of love and seduction throughout the course of your relationship. I'll give you some advice on making the seduction last forever.

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