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James and Donna are sitting across the table from each other in a quiet little restaurant. The appetizer of steamed artichoke and drawn lemon butter has just arrived.

James plucks the first petal, dipping it thoughtfully into the delightfully pungent liquid, and draws it across his teeth, savoring its taste and texture. Swallowing, he smiles as he begins to speak.

"I had the most delightful dream last night.. .yes, you were in it. As a matter of fact, you were at its very center. And no, it wasn't that kind of dream! Would you like me to tell you about it?"

He takes another petal from the artichoke, the silence hanging heavily as he absorbs its flavor. Finally, he speaks. "We were in a place I'd never seen, but it looked like a villa somewhere on the Mediterranean. There were these beautiful Renaissance paintings on all the walls, which were covered with this very intricate gilded wallpaper. Statues were everywhere.

"We entered what I assumed to be our suite, and it was absolutely breathtaking. A basket, filled with succulent-looking fruit, sat on the table in the foyer. The windows were opened wide, and a soft breeze was making the gauze curtains billow gently. We looked at each other and just smiled. It seemed like we were completely immersed in this place that was so unfamiliar, yet, at the same time, very comfortable.

"Then, it seemed like we fast-forwarded, until we were in the most exquisite bathroom, actually a suite of its own, and you were sitting naked in a huge marble tub. You were almost entirely covered with bubbles. I took a pitcher from the little stand by the tub, and poured warm water over your head. You closed your eyes as the water flowed over you, and I sat mesmerized, as the bubbles ran down your body.

"I picked up a pitcher filled with a shampoo that smelled like sweet coconut. Not the artificial smelling stuff you can get at the drugstore. This smelled like fresh coconut. I was almost tempted to taste it, it smelled so delicious. Anyway, I worked it between my hands, and began to massage it into your hair. You sighed as I worked the foam into your scalp, and it was uncanny, I could actually feel the smooth texture of your wet hair. I rarely have dreams that are so vivid and detailed, but in this one, I could see, feel, hear, and smell everything. Anyway, I spent this delightfully long time shampooing your hair, and I really loved watching you, because you seemed to be enjoying it so thoroughly.

"When I picked up the pitcher again and rinsed the lather from your hair, the last of the bubbles were washed from your body. I just sat there, drinking in the vision, until I looked into your eyes again. It seemed like your smile was coming, not just from your lips, but from your eyes, from every part of you. We looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours, speaking, but not speaking, if you know what I mean. Then I woke up, and you were nowhere to be seen. I have to admit, that was a letdown. I guess I just assumed that, as real as the dream had been, you would be there, lying next to me. It was over an hour before I could get back to sleep."

The above scenario was based on a real dream, as told to one of my clients by a real (and very poetic) man. Naturally, this is not a script for you to recite to your date. Remember that the core of delicious seduction is absolute integrity. But the way in which this dream was presented can serve as a guide that you can use to turn your own dreams and fantasies into elements that plant and nurture the seeds of desire. Let's take a look at these elements, and review some guidelines for sharing your own delicious dreams or fantasies.

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• Knock before entering. First, and foremost, you need to make certain your partner feels completely safe with you, or he or she will not be able to let go enough to be entranced by the images you describe. You will notice that early on in the preceding dialogue, the dreamer asked whether the listener was interested in hearing about the dream, followed by assurances that it wasn't "that kind" of dream. Of course, it was "that kind" of dream, but it was presented in a non-threatening manner.

• Fantasy, like spice, should enhance and inspire, not overwhelm. As the description of the dream progressed, there were subtle hints at sexual interest, yet no outright mention of it. The dreamer acknowledged that the other person was naked, and described how the bubbles were being rinsed away, leaving the person completely exposed. There was no overt talk of the details, yet the listener was guided to think of what it would be like to be so completely exposed. The image is "fleshed out" (pardon the pun) only enough to inspire the listener to begin his or her own fantasy. This is a much more powerful aphrodisiac than a detailed description, because you have enlisted your partner's mind in your seduction.

• The most powerful statements fall between the lines. The dream goes on to speculate about the desires and feelings that may be growing in both partners, yet does so with absolute subtlety. The point that the dreamer made about looking with relish upon his partner's naked body is clear, yet flows seamlessly into the statements made by his protracted eye contact. It is a whisper, speaking much more clearly than a scream.

• Let your date see the desire that is building in you. As the dream concludes, the dreamer lets the other person know how pleasant the shared experience was, and how much its passing was mourned. This tells the other person that the dreamer wants more, yet provides the safety net of "it was only a dream," should the intimacy prove threatening or more intense than he or she is comfortable with.

Heart Brakes

Remember: A dream (or fantasy) in

Heart Brakes

Remember: A dream (or fantasy) in

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