Sing the Body Erotic

If you ask me, the concept of erogenous zone is almost moot. With the right stimulation, the entire body can be an erogenous zone. You can supercharge your lover by lavishing your attentions on:

• Ears. Gently sucking your lover's earlobe, or softly probing the tender inner portions of the ear with your tongue, can create shivers of delight. But remember to be gentle.

• Neck. This is another sensitive area that responds beautifully to gentle sucking and licking. (As you may know, the Japanese consider the back of a woman's neck to be intensely erotic.)

• Hair and scalp. Gentle hair-pulling can be quite erotic. Grab your lover by the hair, pull his or her head back gently, and apply your tongue to his or her neck. Scalp stimulation can be very sensual too. (Try washing your lover's hair some time.)

• Nipples. Nipple stimulation isn't just for women anymore; men can find this a delightful experience as well. However, women, do keep in mind that a man's reaction to having his nipples stimulated is more localized than yours, and too much stimulation is likely to be irritating. So be gentle.

• Inner arms and inner thighs. Like any body part that is not normally exposed very much, these areas are very sensitive. Stroking, nibbling, or licking these parts can make your lover squirm with delight.

• Hands and fingertips. These areas are rich with nerves and are very sensitive to different sensations and textures. Use your own hands and fingertips, as well as your mouth and tongue, to tease and please your partner.

• Feet and toes. Another nerve-rich area. Give an erotic foot massage. Or rub some other part of your body besides your hands against the soles of your lover's feet (use your imagination).

• Navel. Tease the perimeter by massaging and licking; then plunge your tongue in. Or pour in a little champagne or something else that's tasty, and suck or lick it out.

• Tush. You know those buns were made to be played with. So pinch them, lick them, gently bite them, or, during intercourse, massage them, or playfully slap them. Delightful!

• Anus. This is absolutely one of the most sensitive spots on the body. Obviously, you and your lover need to take care to exercise proper hygiene—this is very important—but if you've got that base covered, go for it. A moistened fingertip, gently applied, can send your lover over the edge. (And don't forget the perineum, that small but exquisitely sensitive area between the anus and scrotum on men, and the anus and vulva on women.)

Well, anyway, you get the idea. Under the right circumstances, virtually any part of your lover's body—and yours—can be a source of explosive sensations. Happy exploring!

Giving and receiving sexual pleasure is an art. Like seduction itself, it is an art that must be learned, and the best way to learn is by doing. In a good relationship, you both keep learning about each other's needs and desires, and the sex keeps getting better and better. It's like a movie that you want to watch again and again, and each time you see it, you notice something new—and you love it even more.

Aik the Love Coach

Ah, skint it's the easiest thing to stimulate because, well, it's alJ over you. A light-as-a-feather touch with your fingernails overyOur lover's skin can "charge" the roots of the skin surface and body hair Over his or her entire body. Keep it up until you feel your lover shudder all over.

Hair can be a marvelous stimulant on the skin, as well. Women, your long hair, brushed across his chest or wrapped around his penis, can create wonderful sensations.

Guys, if you have a beard (and It's soft, not coarse), try tickling sensitive parts of her body with it Or tickle her with your eyelashes. Mmmmmm.

Whether you try every trick in the Kama Sutra, or you just stick to a few favorite techniques over the long haul, isn't important. If you both bring a playful and adventurous attitude to bed with you, your sex life will always be exciting. And the really wonderful news is that in a good relationship, the sex just keeps getting better and better!

The Least You Need to Know

> If you think sexy, you'll be sexy, and there arc many things you can do to "think yourself sexy/

>■ Create your love nest with your lover's individual tastes in mfnd, taking care to appeal to all of his or her senses,

V Lovemaking in unconventional places, and lor at unexpected times, can add a thrilling dimension to seduction,

>- Seduction can be made especially sweet by the use of props—including clothes, jewelry, mirrors, feathers, erotic oils, and lotions,

>■ Your entire body can be an erogenous zone.

> Remember, the wonderful news is that in a good relationship, the sex keeps getting better all the time.

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