If Youll Be Jane He Will Be Your Tarzan

Men love to be with a woman who really enjoys sex, especially when she lets her man know how much she enjoys sex with him. Behind the sexism in the old saying about a man wanting a "whore in the bedroom" lies a great deal of truth. Your passionate cries, as well as your pleas for him to continue doing what he's doing, will leave your man wanting to pound his chest with pride. That's not, by any means, a put-down of the man, but rather an acknowledgment, even a celebration, of the fact that he wants so badly to please you.

Be a Gentle Teacher

Every man would like to think he's doing everything perfectly to bring you to the heights of passion. The truth is that it is impossible for any man to know all your unique desires, or to know your body well enough to be perfect in his technique. It's up to you to let him know what really feels good to you, as well as what doesn't feel so good. When your man does something that doesn't turn you on, realize how important it is for him to feel as if he's pleasing you, and use diplomacy when you let him know what you want.

If you just come right out and say that you don't like what he's doing, he will feel, at least to some extent, that he is failing. This can put a real damper on his motivation, and can even short-circuit the whole experience. Try, instead, to let him know what he does that you do like, whether by actually speaking, or by guiding his hands, mouth, or whatever in the direction you want it to go. This way, you won't be telling him that he's failing, but that he could be succeeding more in another way. And you both win.

An Orgasm by Any Other Name...

It was Freud who perpetrated the notion that the only "mature" orgasm for a woman was a vaginal orgasm, achieved through sexual intercourse. But let's face it, from a physiological standpoint, the vagina alone is just not a very efficient orgasm-producer for most women. In fact, many experts on human sexuality are now saying that vaginal orgasm without any other stimulation is more the exception than the norm. If people thought otherwise for so many years, it was probably because so many women were faking it. And they were faking it because of that arbitrary norm created by the same person who brought us penis envy. Does that make any sense for the new millennium? I don't think so!

Remember, any orgasm is a good orgasm. Let your body be your guide, and let your lover know what you like.

Let There Be Light.

If you're extremely self-COnsCiOuS about your body and leaving the rights on will hinder your experience, try using soft fighting. Pink lights can be especially flattering,

For HER Eye« Onfy

If you're extremely self-COnsCiOuS about your body and leaving the rights on will hinder your experience, try using soft fighting. Pink lights can be especially flattering,

As you know by now, your man is, by his nature, very visual. He readily responds to images. If you want to really tantalize him, leave the lights on when you make love. He won't be noticing the extra few pounds you're carrying around, because he'll be too caught up in the sensory delight created by the whole seductive picture of the beautiful woman who lies naked beside him.

Adonis Reborn?

All right, so maybe he doesn't have the physique of a Greek god, but you still find him incredibly attractive. Let him know that you love his body. Rub his biceps and comment on his sexy arms. Squeeze his tush and tell him how delightful you think it is. I'm sure you can think of a number of other ways to let him know you love the way he looks (and feels, and tastes, and smells). It's very seductive to let him know that you see him as a sex object now and then.

Right Here in the Parking Lot?!?

Most men crave spontaneity and they long for a woman who can act immediately on her desires, or play along with his. When you get a "wild haif' to do something new, don't be afraid to act on your impulse, so long as your actions aren't likely to do either of you any harm. And when he springs a new idea on you, try to keep an open mind as well as your wits. If your typical reaction to his ideas is positive, he will welcome you as his companion in the fun times.

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