Im a Little Tied Up Right

When Katy arrived at Rod's for dinner, she could smell all sorts of delicious aromas coming from the kitchen—not surprising, because Rod was a gourmet cook. Rod called out to her from the kitchen, saying he was running a little behind. "I've drawn a bath for you," he said. "Oh, and I bought you a little present; it's in the bedroom."

Wondering what was in store for her, Katy went into the bedroom, where she found a note on the bed, telling her to remove all her clothes immediately and get into the tub. "Leave your clothes on the bed," the note said, "and when you get out of your bath, you will have a new outfit, which you must wear to dinner."

Katy took a leisurely bath and when she returned to the bed, she found a red empire nightgown and a black blindfold. There was another note, instructing her to put on the nightgown (no underwear allowed) as well as the blindfold, and call Rod when she was ready.

Katy put on the red gown, a little uneasy by how sheer and short it was. Then she glanced in the mirror and saw how beautiful she looked; the vivid red was a startling contrast to her black hair and white skin. Almost reluctantly, she put on the blindfold, and then called out to Rod.

Rod came into the room and kissed her, telling her she was in for a real treat. He checked her blindfold to make sure she couldn't see, and then he asked her to put her hands together and hold them out, palms up, so he could put a "surprise" in them. She obeyed, and before she knew it he had tied them together with a velvet cord, leaving a long lead for him to pull her gently in the direction where he wanted her to go.

At once Katy felt a little anxious, and yet at the same time very excited. She trusted Rod and knew she was in no danger; all the same, there is something scary as well as exciting about the unknown.

Rod led her to the dining room, had her sit down in a chair, and told her to make herself comfortable. It was then that she realized he was putting a sash around her waist, tying her to the chair. Sitting there blindfolded, with her hands bound and tied, she realized she was completely at his mercy.

"Open your mouth," Rod commanded. And so she did.. .but wait, it wasn't at all what she expected. It was a luscious, juicy, ripe strawberry, and it exploded in her mouth. Just as it dawned on her that this reminded her of a scene from the movie 9^Weeks, she noticed the soundtrack from that very movie playing in the background. A thrill of excitement raced through her body.

Rod pulled down the bodice of the empire gown, exposing her breasts. Then he pulled up the gown's skirt, leaving her completely exposed below the waist as well. And then he began his relentless but delightful assault on her senses—alternately placing warm food, cold food, and ice cubes in her mouth, compelling her to savor the varying tastes and textures.

Next he turned his attention to her breasts, first applying something cold to her nipples, then something creamy to her breasts. She was never quite sure what was being rubbed on her body, but it all smelled delightful and felt exquisite on her naked skin. Finally he pulled her legs apart, took a handful of warm spun honey, and spread it between her thighs. "I'm making you a real honey pot," he said. And as Katy tugged at her restraints, he began to lick off the honey and cream and everything else he had applied to her body. Working at first leisurely, and then furiously, his tongue lapped mercilessly at her crevices until she let out an involuntary scream and her body began to convulse.

When she was finally quiet again, Rod calmly untied her, wiped his mouth delicately on a napkin, and then, holding her chin in his hand, said, "Did you enjoy dinner? I sure did!"

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