He'll be pleased by your spontaneous act, and left wondering whether the kiss was significant, or merely a response to a whim. His interest will definitely be piqued, and he will perceive you as someone who is full of delightful surprises. You just may start him wondering what other wonderful surprises are in store for him.

If He Likes What He Sees, He'll Want to See More

Since men are, for the most part, very visually driven creatures, a significant part of your seductiveness lies in your physical appearance. Each woman has her own particular beauty, and her own unique look (see also Chapters 3 and 7). It is your uniqueness that attracted him to you in the first place, so you will want to emphasize and project those individual qualities that he obviously finds so delightful.

Over and over again in surveys, men have told me that what they want is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and who isn't overly self-conscious. They want a woman to be as attractive as she can be, yet who isn't afraid to be seen with tousled hair and make-up that hasn't been retouched in a while. They're turned on by a woman who is stylish in her own way, and conscious enough to want to look good for him, yet not so self-conscious that she can't enjoy herself.

Here are a couple of other points to remember:

• One of the sexiest things you can wear is an honest smile. By showing you're happy while you're with a man, you raise your attractiveness quotient significantly. That smile is not just a matter of positioning your face a certain way. It comes through in the form of a happy, pleasant voice and the way your eyes twinkle when you're having a good time. A smile is really a combination of all your expressions, telling your partner that you are glad to be around him. You will make him look all the more forward to that moment when you're wearing nothing but that beautiful smile.

• Femininity is incredibly sexy. As we discussed in an earlier chapter, true femininity is the quality that makes a man feel masculine around you. It makes him feel like he has something precious to offer you—not as your "knight in shining armor," and not as the hero who can save poor, helpless, little you from danger, but as someone who feels strong, capable, confident, and sexy in your presence.

You've come this far, and you feel like you're ready to take things to the next level. By paying just a little attention and making sure that what you're communicating is what you really feel, you can set the stage for a wonderful experience to unfold. Be aware of what a man wants—spontaneity, confidence, an open mind—and let him see that you may hold the answers to his desires. You will, for all practical purposes, have seduced him already.

Secrets for the Seducer.

Secrets for the Seducer.

Heart: Brakes

Don't let your attention to the details become an obsession. If one of the little things you'vie done in preparation for a seduction scene doesn't quite work, or if it doesn't please her as much ai you'd hoped, just let it go and move on to the next thing. Once you've made your preparations, jhift your focus to what really matters: the complete enjoyment of the experience. Remember, even the most finely orchestrated seduction scene needs some breathing room for spontaneity—and humorl

Heart: Brakes

Don't let your attention to the details become an obsession. If one of the little things you'vie done in preparation for a seduction scene doesn't quite work, or if it doesn't please her as much ai you'd hoped, just let it go and move on to the next thing. Once you've made your preparations, jhift your focus to what really matters: the complete enjoyment of the experience. Remember, even the most finely orchestrated seduction scene needs some breathing room for spontaneity—and humorl

It may come as a surprise to you men, but many of the same things that you look for in a woman, she is also looking for in you. You each want to feel that your partner is really interested. What makes the two sexes so different (well, besides the obvious things) are the ways in which we express our interest, and the little signs we look for to show us our date is really interested in us.

There are some things that are easy for a woman to overlook, yet are very important to a man. By the same token, women seem to place great importance on some matters that may seem insignificant, even alien, to men.

Atmosphere Is Everything

Atmosphere Is Everything

Remember the little seduction scenario I described in Chapter 1, where the man prepared a sensuous bath for his lover? The seductive power of this scene lies first of all in the man's intent—his desire to please his woman. But the gesture is made all the more alluring by the man's attention to even the tiniest details: the rose petals marking the path to the bathroom, the champagne chilling within easy reach, the candles softly illuminating the room, and the sweet fragrance of the bath oil he had added to the water. Not even the temperature of the water, warm and inviting, was overlooked in his attempt to create a sensuous environment.

Such little details may seem unimportant to a man, yet to a woman, they add up to a total experience that completely wraps her in the knowledge that her man appreciates and cherishes her. A woman cannot help appreciating a man who would put forth such an effort for her enjoyment, especially when she realizes that this attention to detail just isn't in his everyday nature.

My advice to you men is to make even the most mundane of activities a sensual delight for your partner. While you might not be at a point in a relationship where a sensuous bath would be appropriate, you can, just by paying attention to the little details, make your partner feel deliciously seduced.

For example, if the two of you are going on a picnic, you could choose a place that is out of the ordinary, such as a botanical garden or the landscaped grounds of an art museum. In your picnic basket, hide a bud vase with a flower. Forget the paper plates and cups, and use actual plates and stemware. And when you get to your destination, dazzle her with a table befitting a four-star restaurant, right down to the cloth napkins and tablecloth. I promise you, her response will be more positive than if you had taken her to the four-star restaurant, because she'll know how much thought you put into making the scene just right.

Even if all you serve is fruit and cheese, you will have created a sensuous experience she'll never forget. She won't be thinking of the money you spent, but rather of how much of yourself you put into the day, and she'll appreciate your "investment" more than you can imagine.

Tell Me More About My Eyes

Heart Brakes

Heart Brakes

There are no "little things" where atmosphere is concerned. When you are setting the stage tor a delicious seduction, keep in mind how important those supposedly minor details are to a woman. The seductive mood of the picnic described in this chapter, for example, would be diminished if you used some flimsy paper plates and Cups. You might think this is iiJJy, but just by overlooking this simple detail, you have failed to show your date that you are really fbcu sed On pleasing her, on delighting aH of her senses. Instead of it being a perfect experience in every way, it will come across as a clumsy attempt at ¡eductivicness. v. i

It's nearly impossible to overstate the importance, at this stage, of letting your partner know you think she is physically beautiful. Particularly as you move closer toward making love, she'll be eager for signs that you find her attractive. Since our culture places so much emphasis on women's physical beauty, her sexual responses are very much influenced by how she thinks you perceive her. The truth is that many, if not most, women harbor anxiety about their sexual attractiveness (we'll talk about this more in the next chapter).

You can allay her anxiety by telling her she is beautiful. You can tell her with your eyes, of course, by gazing appreciatively at her (without leering, of course). But we women like to hear what you're thinking, too, so give her frequent (but not excess2g4'compliments, and be sure they're sincere. And don't focus on just one aspect of her beauty, such as her gorgeous legs or her creamy skin. Vary your compliments so she'll know you find "the total package" ravishing.

If you truly make her feel that your eyes are a mirror for her beauty, she will be more than willing to reveal all of that beauty to you when the time comes.

Patience, Patience, Patience

For HIS Eyes Only

Women love to hear sincere compliments about their beauty from a man to whom they're attracted, This works out well, because most men, in the early pursuit stages of a relationship, find that complimenting their partners comes quite naturally. But don't just move the compliments for the early stages; a woman likes continual reminders of her attractiveness. She'll nevier tire of knowing you appreciate her beauty, and that you don't take it—Or her—for granted.

As you move closer to your first sexual encounter with your partner, it's easy to become impatient. But it's important, men, to remember that women are very sensitive to feeling pressured. What you want to do is create for her a sense that you have all the time in the world, and that you are prepared to wait as long as she needs you to—because you know that she will be more than worth the wait.

In Chapter 17, we'll discuss why the timing of that "first time" should be up to the woman. But for now, I'll just advise you to rein in your desire, and learn to bask in the moment. If you do, both of you will savor the process of seduction to the fullest. And when you finally do end up in bed, it will be all the sweeter for the wait.

Your own imagination, appealing to your partner's, is a powerfully seductive force. If you really listen to what your partner is saying, even between the lines, he or she will tell you how to completely enthrall and delight, and make the task of seduction much simpler.

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

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