Intellectual Magnetism Your Brain Is the Most Erogenous Part of Your Body

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It is well documented that the mind is the primary erogenous zone. Indeed, if you want to be seductive, your mind is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal.

There are several ways to put this tool to good use. First, you can program your mind with positive self-talk to convince yourself of your desirability—and once you're convinced, it's a breeze to convince others. Second, you can create a powerful mental presence that will make you irresistible. The key to creating this presence lies in sharpening your curiosity, seeking out new experiences, and deepening your zest for life.

In fact, what this chapter is really about is being seduced by life and embracing all it has to offer. A person who truly embraces life is unquestionably seductive.

What Makes You Sexy? Your Thoughts

We've already talked about recognizing and accentuating your best physical qualities. Now, let's use that principal erogenous zone, your mind, and learn how to fully project those qualities. It's not enough just to be confident about that reflection you see in the

Jn This Chapter mirror. Your entire attitude needs to be filled with the awareness of the glorious things you have to offer the world.

Let's look at some real-life examples.

A client of mine named Renee learned about positive self-talk recently when the volunteered to model a designer suit with a tight, short skirt for a charity fashion show, "1 was afraid I'd be awkward, so I asked for some pointers from my friend Patrice, a runway model," said Renee. In addition to demonsfcrab'ng how to stand, walk and pivot, Patrice gave Renee the ultimate confidence-boosting hint.

"Here's what 1 want you to do," Patrice advised, "Saunter down that runway, and when you corne to the end, stop, turn around juit so, take the jacket off and sling it casually over your shoulder. At that moment, look at the audience-and with ail your power, think these words, 'Don't you wish you had this tushi'"

The effect on the audience was electrifying. Now Renee uics a variation of this technique whenever she enters a room—and turns bcad< wherever she goes.



Self-talk is the little vojee in your head thatj for better or worse, is COnstontJy rnaking judgments about you, Constant negative self-talk eats away at your setf-esteem, With conscious effort, however, you can redirect your negative thoughts into glowing affirmations of your wonderful qualities. Ask yourself what, your self-talk is saying to you, and if it isn't serving you, change it! v--—-✓

Remember our friends Julia and Harold in Chapter 3? After Julia had been studying tango for awhile, she found that she could easily imagine herself entering a room, awash in the sensuous beat of some Latin band. Every step she took, she was aware of herself as a lithe, hot-blooded dancer, poised to spring into movement.

And when she entered a room, you had better believe that she was noticed. Of course, she didn't actually burst into a tango, but the effect the image had on her attitude and, indeed, on her physical presence, was actually palpable. She had truly arrived.

Like Julia, our old friend Harold set his own scene as well. Instead of being a slim, rather average-looking man who was losing his hair, he entered a room as someone who was physically powerful. He envisioned himself as being somewhere between Arnold Schwarzenegger in

Terminator II and Leonardo diCaprio in Titanic, someone whose shoulder a woman could cry on, yet who could protect her from the villains of the world. And when he entered a room, you can bet his presence was felt.

Have you ever walked up to someone who. On first glance, WW qulte average looking—but after talking to thai person for awhile, you noticed he or she was actually a phenomenally attractive, profoundly stswal being? Assuming you remained sober throughout this process, what was the deal? Maybe it was the sound of the person's voice, or the fact that the person seemed genuinely interested in you. Then again, perhaps he or she limply exuded an attr'fvde that you found irresistible.

Think of this the nest time you ane captivated by someone whose aliure goes beyond physical appearance. If whatever it is this tempter or temptress has got affected you this much, isn't that reason enough to try applying the same mysterious magnetism to your own persona?

You say you don't know the tango from the bus stop, your arms aren't pumped, and strutting just isn't your style? No problem! Find the qualities in yourself that you would like to project, and fill your being with them until you can no longer contain them.

All it takes is a little imagination. Try this exercise:

1. Pick a physical feature you especially like, perhaps from the "Enhance" side of one of those lists you made in Chapter 3.

2. Imagine that this feature brings incredible joy to the people around you and makes you positively entrancing.

3. Write an affirmation reflecting this thought. For example: "My gorgeous brown eyes cast a spell on everyone I meet, leaving them feeling that they must get to know me better." Don't worry if this looks a little corny on paper; it's for your eyes only.

4. Beginning now, whenever you meet anybody, think about your chosen feature in the glowing terms you've created. You don't necessarily need to repeat your affirmation verbatim; condense it (for example, "Think eyes!").

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