Mention the word "seduction," and you have most people's immediate and undivided attention. Just about everybody is interested in learning more about how to be seductive—whether they are just starting out in the dating game, or they've been married for 25 years and are longing to put some of the sparks back into their relationship.

This book will tell you everything you need to know about becoming the sizzling seductress or seducer you've always wanted to be. And, as I hope will become abundantly clear while you're reading, when I talk about seduction, I am not talking about the archaic, manipulative act with which many of us have come to associate the word. The seduction you're going to learn about in this book is the art of enticing your partner and creating an exquisitely pleasurable experience for both of you.

In fact, it's far more appropriate to think of seduction as a process rather than an act. And it is a process that you must undertake with the purest of intentions. If there's one theme that will show up again and again in this book, it is that the most powerful element in any seduction is the intent of the seducer. In order for you to be able to seduce another person in a positive way, your desires must be grounded in a concern for the well-being of both you and your partner.

So who is this book for? Just about everybody! Never make the mistake of thinking that seduction is only for the young and starry-eyed, or for people in the beginning stages of a relationship. Two other points I hope to make clear in this book are that seduction is for everyone, and seduction is forever. If some of the chapters seem more focused on people who are going out and seducing somebody for the first time, this is only because I know how intimidating that "first time" with someone can be— no matter how experienced you are. Even so, nearly all of the advice in this book can be applied to bringing elements of seductiveness into a long-term relationship as well. To me, the best relationships are those in which both parties keep the seduction alive continuously. (And if you don't think perpetual seduction is possible.. .well, just read this book!)

In the final analysis, seduction is a true art form. Some people believe that artists are born, rather than made, and others believe that anyone who has the benefit of sufficient training in technique can become an artist. I firmly believe the latter is true. Of course, just as with any other art form, seduction is about more than technique. A genuinely delicious seduction is a combination of feelings, intentions and techniques, with the end result truly being greater than the sum of its parts. If this sounds hopelessly abstract, it's not. Being seductive is really quite simple if you follow the concrete guidelines in this book.

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