Its Better than You Think Adjusting Your Body Image

Let's check in on Harold and Julia again. In their own ways, each of them decided their body images needed some work. Both vowed to themselves to improve the way their bodies looked, but they were savvy enough to know they had to improve in their own eyes first, and then in the eyes of those around them.

Similarly, each of us has to arrive at an image of ourselves that we are pleased with. Like Harold and Julia, we can make a significant change in how we see our bodies by changing something simple and, to outward appearances, insignificant.

Apply the "Refine"/"Enhance" list and the goal setting process to your body image, just as you applied it earlier to your face.

1. Stand naked in front of a mirror. (You knew this was coming, didn't you?) Take a good honest look at your body, but remember that honest doesn't mean ruthless.

2. As you did earlier, make a list with two columns: "Enhance" (what you like) and "Refine" (what you don't like).

3. Look at the list and decide what you can do—now and in the long run—to minimize the effect of each item on the "Refine" side of the list. At the same time, take each item on the "Enhance" side, and figure out a way to accentuate it.

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