Jersey Girl

Jennifer had been dating Max for a little over two months, and recently they had begun a sexual relationship. One evening Max called from his cell phone and asked if he could stop by her place for awhile. "I thought maybe we could watch a video," he said. "I rented the new Steven Seagal movie." He added, "I'm about ten minutes away."

Jennifer had only recently arrived home after a long, grueling day at work, and had just finished shedding her clothes, preparing for a relaxing evening alone. But she didn't want to turn Max away, so she said, "Sure, come on."

She raced around the apartment, straightening the place as much as she could and frantically searching for something to wear. Unfortunately, just about all of her decent-looking casual clothes were in the hamper, and there was no way she was going to get back into her work clothes. She quickly slipped into Max's football jersey. Max, who had once played pro football, had given her the jersey when she asked for one of his shirts to sleep in. Jennifer also put on a pair of little white cotton panties, and then, on impulse, snapped a red belt around her waist, and put on a pair of red high heels.

When he was greeted at the door by this All-American seductress, Max was blown away. He laughed, then grabbed her up in his arms and began kissing her passionately.

They didn't watch the Steven Seagal video that night.

There's a post script to this story. Months later, Max and Jennifer separated after a disagreement. They were both miserable, but neither one wanted to be the one to make the first move to come back. Finally Max did come back to Jennifer, saying the whole disagreement was his fault. He also confessed that during their separation he had been fixated on that vision of her answering the door in his jersey and her high heels. The vision left him laughing, thinking of how much fun they'd had; crying, thinking of how much he missed her; and lustful, thinking of the hot sex they always had (particularly on that night). "Not just any woman could make me forgo a Steven Seagal movie," he said, laughing. Because of her quick thinking and flair for spontaneous fun, Jennifer had truly left him with a seduction to remember.

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