Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

There are times when kissing is almost a more intimate act than intercourse. Kissing should be a true expression of your feelings—sometimes tender, sometimes passionate, sometimes playful, but always meaningful. Kisses are like seashells or snowflakes: No two should be exactly alike. A little creative imagination can make for some memorable lip locks.

• Use your tongue to tease outrageously. With your mouth, briefly, teasingly pull on your lover's bottom lip, touching softly once and then again. Then dart your tongue quickly in and out of your lover's mouth.

• Use variety—your tongue, your lips, even your teeth (gently, of course). Alternate between brushing softly and pressing hard. But always pay attention to your partner's reactions, and respond with sensitivity. Remember that kissing isn't something you do to your lover, but with him or her.

• Don't overlook the corners of the mouth, which are very sensitive. A little gentle tongue stimulation to this area can be intensely erotic.

• Have a playful "war of tongues." How you handle a truce is up to the two of you.

• Surprise your lover by giving him or her a "kiss with something extra." Have a strawberry, an ice cube, or some champagne in your mouth. The champagne can be held in your curled tongue for several seconds, enhancing the feeling of surprise, penetration, and release.

• Don't forget the erotic power of breath. One technique used in some Eastern traditions is to simply pause in your love play, and inhale each other's breath for awhile.

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