Mens Most Powerful Fantasies

After talking with thousands of men, I discovered there were several fantasies most of them had in common. While they said they enjoyed thinking about their fantasies, many said they would be hesitant to live out some of the wilder ones. Here is a list of some of the most common male fantasies:

• Having sex with two women at the same time

• Watching a woman undress or masturbate without her knowing you're watching (voyeurism)

• Having sex outdoors or in a public place

• Being with a woman who is an exhibitionist

• Having sex in a body of water (pool, hot tub, lake, or ocean)

The type of fantasies that most men describe support the fact that they are, by their nature, very visually oriented. Women, keep this in mind if you want to spice up the sex you have with your man. Even the tamest of activities, when tied to a guy's visual nature, can turn the heat up.

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