More Props for Your Passion Play

You're already familiar with the notion of using props to communicate seductively. And you know that clothing can be a prop to aid in the actual seduction. Here are some more ideas to add delight to your lovemaking. Consider:

• A silk scarf. Use it to stroke your lover on his or her most tender places, or employ it for gentle bondage.

• Mirrors. A mirror allows both of you to be both voyeur and exhibitionist at the same time. You may also enjoy the sensation of pressing your bare skin against the cool glass.

• Feathers. Tickle your lover unmercifully. (Of course, make sure he or she isn't allergic to feathers.)

• Washable body paints. Exercise your artistic skills by painting glorious designs all over each other's bodies. Then wash each other off in a sensuous bath.

• Erotic oils and sensuous lotions. These come in a delightful array of fragrances and flavors—everything from chocolate to mint to an almond-liqueur flavor. Used in moderation (you don't want to completely disguise your own natural flavors), these love potions can be lots of fun.

• Edible spreadables. Why stop at honey or whipped cream? Use your imagination. Go grocery shopping together, and shop for items to complement your lover.

Don't go overboard with the props, but don't be afraid to experiment, either. A sense of play and a lively imagination are very seductive.

So, we've set the scene for a sweet seduction, and the actors are in their places. Now it's time for some close-ups.

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