Romancing the Little Woman Aint What It Used to Be

I begin this section with the assumption that you, as an enlightened man of the new millennium, know to treat the woman you're with as your intellectual equal. Even if she's breathtakingly gorgeous, even if you want to jump her bones, you know there's a human being beneath all that beauty. And you're savvy enough to let her know you see her as a peer.

For whatever reason, however, be it a byproduct of attitude or upbringing, some men still have a tendency to talk to a woman in a way that suggests she is either less sophisticated or less intelligent than they. While the old sitcoms may have frequently portrayed women in this light, these men need to realize that, just as television has evolved from black-and-white to high-definition color, women have emerged as powerful participants in every aspect of life.

Acting toward a woman in a patronizing manner is truly one of the cardinal sins. Women have long ago abandoned the "dumb and helpless" image, and a man who approaches a woman as if she were less capable than he will rarely get a second chance with her. So remember: Never talk down to a woman or patronize her—unless you just like being alone a lot.

If you're not sure how to win points here, and are not certain exactly how to act so a woman knows beyond a doubt that you're not a sexist pig, the first thing to know is that you really don't have to act at all. Just relax and remember:

• If you perceive the woman you're with as a capable peer and potential partner, your actions will take care of themselves. Your respect and regard will come through loud and clear, and you'll definitely gain points. Conversely, if you don't feel that respect and regard for her, there's no way you'll be able to fake it well enough to fool her.

• If you care enough to make an effort to take care of the simple details, and you hold women with respect, you will be the seductive winner you hope to be. If you don't care enough, or you hold women in disdain, there's no amount of things you could do to make you more seductive.

The choice, ultimately, is yours, and the stakes are high: Achieve success in attracting a woman who can enhance and enrich your life or ensure that you'll be alone until you get it right.

The great mystery of "what a woman wants" really isn't such a mystery after all. A women wants a man who can make her feel beautiful and significant, and who can be a friend as well as a lover—a man who eschews the stereotypes and isn't afraid to let his true, seductive self shine through. It's really not that difficult to win points in the seductiveness game. Follow the tips in this chapter, and you'll be playing at a championship level in no time.

The Least You Need to Know

> To be truly seductive to the woman you're with, focus on her rather than on every attractive female who comes within eyesight

> Express interest rn a woman by asking her questions, listening when she speaks, and looking out for her comfort and well-being,

>■ Don't be afraid to open up to a woman, but don't spend time bragging about your achievements,

> !f you're interested in a woman, give her clear signs of your interest, but if you're not, don't lead her on.

>■ "Seductive hygiene" simply means making an extra effort to take care of cleaning and gfooming details that many men overlook.

V Even if you're sexually attracted to a woman, remember that there's a human being underneath all that allure and dazzle, so treat her as the equal that she is.

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