Seduction Is Forever

Is there life after seduction? Actually, that's a trick question, because the seduction doesn't have to end at all. With a little desire and a lot of creativity, you can make it last indefinitely.

In this section, I'll begin with advice on how to deal with that first morning after, whether the night before left you disappointed or longing for more. Then we'll explore some ways you can keep your new relationship intriguing (or add some zing to your old one). Next we'll take a brief journey into the steamy world of men's and women's sexual fantasies. Although this chapter is titillating, that is not its (only) purpose; I'll show you how the two of you can use fantasies and games to bring you closer together as a couple. We'll end by talking about the force that makes the world go 'round: Love. No book on seduction would be complete without an exploration of this most profound emotion. We'll explore the stages of romantic love, and I'll give you tips on how to keep passion and seduction alive indefinitely. It all comes back to the choices you make—and if you so choose, seduction can, indeed, last forever.

Chapter 19

There's Got to Be a Morning After

>■ Why buyer'j remorse Jin't neceiiafily the end of the affair >■ What to do if you really don't want to continue the relationship

>■ The delicate balance between closeness and smothering

The sun is rising, the birds are chirping, and another fine morning is ready to begin. As you open your eyes to greet the day, you roll over, and lying there next to you is a complete stranger, sleeping peacefully. Well, hopefully that person's not a complete stranger, but perhaps he or she is a long way from knowing your mother's maiden name or who your favorite grade school teacher was.

Right now, at a time when your most important consideration would normally be the preparation of your morning coffee, you are faced with what can be one of the most awkward scenarios that two humans can face: waking up with a new partner for the first time.

Do you feel inclined to spring joyfully from the bed, singing show tunes, or do you find yourself wishing you'd never met this person? Equally important, if not more so: How does your new love feel about you? What emotions are lurking behind that sleepy smile—a burning desire for an encore performance of last night's seduction scene or a desperate longing to run away at the first opportunity?

Most likely, your emotions and your partner's will fall somewhere in between the extremes. This chapter is about dealing with those morning-after feelings. I'll also give you tips on how to gently nip the situation in the bud if you've decided you truly don't want to continue your relationship with this person, and how to handle your disappointment if your partner is the one who decides to say "thanks, but no thanks." And I'll show you how to keep the intrigue and maintain that delicate balance between closeness and clinging, if you do want to carry on.

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