Seductive Is As Seductive Thinks

As you know, your brain is the most erogenous part of your body. In Chapter 4 and in various other parts of this book, I've discussed how your thoughts can make you feel and act sexy (or not). Remember in Chapter 15, when our friend James set the stage for his seduction of Donna by telling her his dream about the bath in the Mediterranean villa? Later in the same chapter, I gave an example of seductive sharing of a fantasy vacation. These are wonderful ways to appeal to your partner's mind, and help get him or her thinking of you seductively. But what else can you do to enhance your own preparedness?

In Chapters 16 and 17, I talked about the importance of relaxation, gave you tips to alleviate performance pressure for both you and your partner, and I gave you some ideas for preparing yourself mentally. Just to be sure your bag is full of tricks and treats, here are some more techniques you can use to help get yourself primed and ready.

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