Sustaining the Spice with Sexy Play

Remember how excited you were before the two of you first made love. Your fantasy about what it would be like to have sex with each other was a seduction in itself. The element of the unknown brought your lust to a fever pitch. Even though you may now be in familiar territory, and that initial newness has worn off, you can supplant it with a passion even more intense than before. All it takes is adding a new element or two to the comfortable familiarity that is growing between you.

Even though sharing fantasies and playing games can be a wonderful seductive enhancement to your sexual relationship, it can also be a real turn-off if one of you isn't comfortable with the fantasy or its implications. Be honest in discussing your fantasies with each other, and never, never try to coerce your partner into doing something he or

Below are three seductive scenarios to stir your imagination. These reflect a few of the most common fantasies of men and women (which we'll explore in more detail in the section that immediately follows). You may want to act out one or more of these scenes, but remember, you don't have to act them out in order to derive immense pleasure from them. Just talking about them can be enough to get you both incredibly turned on. (And if you'd like some more ideas for seductive scenarios, check out the true seduction tales in Appendix C.)

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