temples as meeting places, 106

The Best Love, The Best Sex: Creating Sensual, Soulful, Supersatisfying Relationships, 281 The Eastern Way of Love: Tantric Sex and Erotic Mysticism, 281

The Great Sex Weekend: A 48-Hour Guide to Rekindling Sparks for Bold, Busy, or Bored Lovers, 281

The Guide to Getting It On!: A New and Mostly Wonderful Book About Sex for Adults of All Ages, 281

The New Joy of Sex: A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking for the Nineties, 282

The One-Hour Orgasm: The Ultimate Guide to Totally Satisfying Any Man or Woman, 282

thighs as erogenous zones, 226

threesome, see ménage à trois

Titanic, 216

toes as erogenous zones, 226 Tom Jones, 217 touching nonsexual, 248 sensuality of, 185 see also physical contact travel, for self-improvement, 49 trust, 84, 289 4Q6

turn-offs boasting, 93 smoking, 96 turn-ons men's most powerful sexual fantasies, 262-265 sharing with your partner, 210, 213 women's most powerful sexual fantasies, 265-269 see also sexual fantasies vacations, taking for self-improvement, 48 vaginal orgasms, 211 Venus Butterfly for Men, The, 283 Venus Butterfly for Women, The, 283 Viagra, 289

videos (instructional), 283 visual people, 118 visualization, 211, 253, 289 voice attractiveness of, 36-38 characteristics and impressions, 36 self-evaluation, 37 voyeurism, 264 vulnerability, 55

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