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Lovemaking doesn't always have to take place in the bedroom. As we saw in Chapter 17 with Christy and Paul, who showed us how seductive a Jeep can be, sometimes even the first time occurs in an unconventional place. Making love in an unexpected location, or at an unexpected time, can add a thrilling dimension to your seduction.

Again, you can draw on the movies for inspiration. Think of Kevin Costner's hot limo scene in No Way Out, or Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson on the kitchen table in The Postman Always Rings Twice, or that sexy elevator encounter between Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction.

Indeed, there is something highly charged and irresistibly seductive about taking it away from home, or at least away from the bedroom. Here's just a sampler of ideas:

• When was the last time you had rug burns? One of the simplest ways to create the unexpected is to make love in some other room besides the bedroom. The leather chair in the den.. .the island in the kitchen.. .the dining room floor.. .the bathroom counter.. .these can all make for a sweet, thrilling experience—and you don't even have to leave home.

• Backseat drivers. Many people still harbor fantasies about making out (and more) in the back seat. So why not hop in the car and treat yourselves to a little bit of naughty nostalgia?

• Out in the wild blue yonder. Nature adds a powerful seductive element of its own. Whether you're under the stars in the middle of the desert, or in a clearing in the deep forest, doing the wild thing out in the wild can be supremely erotic.

• A little motion on the ocean. Ever thought of making love in a small sailboat? The sky above, the ocean around you.. .what a wet, wild, and completely heavenly seduction scene.

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Lindy and Sam had been dating for a couple of months. She had been putting him off, but the seduction was progressing, and they both knew it was only a Tittle time before it was complete. The/d even covered all the issues about safe ses and birth control, It wasn't a matter of "if," just of Vhen." One summer evening, Lindys boss gave a formal cocktail party. Lindy wore a long, form-fitting gown that provided a striking contrast to her tan skin. She wore silver heels and, since the weather was almost as hot as she and Sam were, she decided not bo wear hose,

After dancing several dances with Sam, and whispering naughty suggestions in his ear to get him mentally as well as physically primed, Lindy fed him to the guest bathroom right off the dance floor. Locking the door, she began "to Wss him passionately, pressing against him and delighting in hii obvious state of arousal. Then she turned around and put both of her hands against the Venus-shelled sink, lifted he* skirt up, looked back over her shoulder and said, 'Take me from behind,"

The voices and music from the dance floor just outside the door made Sam both anxious and excited. In just a few short strokes, he exploded. He beg^in to apdogiie, but Lindy put her index finger to his lips and whispered, "No need to apologue now. I know you will more than make it up to me later.' She smiled and kissed him. She quickly tidied up, and then the two of them rejoined the party. Lindy mingled with her business associates as if nothing had happened, and somehow, watching her act so nonchalant excited Sam even more. He ached to show her what be could really do. They Stayed at the party until he couldn't stand it anymore...and when they got back to Sam's place, he turned her every way but loose.

Clothes Encounters of the Seductive Kind.

In Chapter 3, I discussed how clothing can help make you seductive. But clothes can also be props to enhance the seduction itself. Since you're going to be dressed at the beginning, you'll want to choose your clothes sensuously. When dressing for undressing, keep these pointers in mind:

Surprise himl Let your undies be a complete contradiction to your outerwear. Wear something classic or tailored—a business suit, or slacks and a blazer—and a scandalous red lacy bra and panties, or an incredibly feminine camisole, underneath. And you can't go wrong with a frilly garter be It and stockings,

For HER Eyei Only

Surprise himl Let your undies be a complete contradiction to your outerwear. Wear something classic or tailored—a business suit, or slacks and a blazer—and a scandalous red lacy bra and panties, or an incredibly feminine camisole, underneath. And you can't go wrong with a frilly garter be It and stockings,

Seductive Art Undressing

• Choose fabrics for sensation as well as color and fit. Make sure what you're wearing feels good as well as looks good. You want it to feel good against your partner's skin as well as your own.

• Choose something that is simple to slip out of seductively. You want to be able to undress (or be undressed) with ease.

• Be sure your underwear and accessories are sexy. No stains, no holey socks, nothing to spoil the seductive image you've taken such care to create^^, just as the rest of your outfit, your underwear should be only items that are easily shed. Leave the control-top pantyhose or the industrial-strength body shaper for your work wardrobe.

• Try surprising your partner with something delightfully unexpected beneath your outfit. Consider wearing some sexy but totally incongruous underwear.. .or just your glorious, underwear-free self.

• Know how to undress for success. Practice undressing slowly and sexily in front of a mirror, so you'll be at ease doing a tantalizing striptease in front of your lover.

• Take charge. Slowly, sensuously undress your partner. Be sure to express your appreciation, in any way that seems appropriate, for the treasures being revealed to you.

• Nearly naked. Enhance your nudity by leaving on one piece of jewelry—a pearl necklace, a gold chain around your waist—or one article of clothing—perhaps your scanty bikini panties, which he can work around rather than remove entirely.

• Delicious inequality. For variety, try making love with one of you nude and the other one fully dressed. The feeling of the lover's clothes against one's naked skin (and the sense of being dominated) can be very exciting for both men and women.

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