The Apartment

Audrey and Philip were successful trial lawyers who had been married for 10 years. Though their careers were soaring, their private life wasn't faring so well. Audrey felt Philip was taking her for granted, and to make matters worse, they scarcely saw each other anymore. On many nights, they both worked late in the city, so they often ended up spending the night in their respective offices rather than take the long train ride home. Slowly but surely they were drifting apart. Audrey thought, "I've got to do something." And so she began hatching a plan.

First she leased a small one-bedroom apartment in town and hired a decorator to furnish it in a style that was just this side of decadent (or, as Audrey described it, "like a call girl who almost has good taste"). The apartment was only about 800 square feet, so mirrors were placed everywhere to create a feeling of space. A chaise longue and an overstuffed pink chair graced the living room. The focal point of the bedroom was a large bed draped in green gauzy material and reminiscent of a harem.

Then Audrey planned the night. A complete scrumptious meal from the local takeout gourmet place was in the refrigerator, and a bottle of very expensive champagne was chilling in the ice bucket. She called Philip at his office and told him to meet her, giving him the address.

When Philip knocked on the door, he was greeted by a very attractive woman in a belly dancing costume—a woman who was not Audrey. "Where's my wife?" he asked, puzzled and somewhat wary. "She'll be with you shortly," the woman answered as she pulled him into the room and asked him to lie down on the chaise longue. She poured him a glass of champagne, and then began to do a most audacious belly dance, complete with bells. By the time she had finished, Philip felt quite aroused.

The belly dancer then led him into the bedroom, which was lit with flickering candles. The fragrance of spices was in the air, and there was exotic music—some jazzy Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern fusion he couldn't quite identify—playing softly in the background. The belly dancer led Philip to the bed and pulled the curtain back, and there he beheld his wife, who was nude and was receiving a massage from another woman dressed in harem attire like the belly dancer. Audrey beckoned Philip to join her in the bed. He took off his shirt and shoes, but chose to keep his pants on to hide his obvious state of arousal.

When he got into bed, the harem-clad masseuse began to knead his shoulders, rubbing aromatic oils into his skin as Audrey poured him another glass of champagne. Audrey then proceeded to join the belly dancer in a well choreographed, erotically charged dance, during which Audrey wore nothing but a large feathered fan.

Just when Philip thought he couldn't stand it anymore, Audrey dismissed the two women, whom she had paid in advance. Then Audrey and Philip began making love more passionately than they had in a long time. Somewhere around midnight, they took a break to enjoy the gourmet dinner Audrey had ordered, and then they went right back to a night of love play that lasted through the next day. It was the first day they'd missed at the office in years.

Suffice it to say that Philip has not taken his wife for granted since then. And these days, they're spending less time at the office, and a lot more time in each other's arms.

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