The Approach Putting All That Preparation to Work

As an author, I am painfully aware that a book, sitting on a shelf in a bookstore, has all of 15 seconds to sell itself to prospective buyers. Shoppers will glance at the cover, pick the book up if the cover catches the eye, and give the book a quick once-over. They might read the back cover text, and, if their interest is still piqued, scan the contents and foreword. Anything negative they encounter during this brief process will send the book back to its place on the shelf, and the process begins again with the next book that looks interesting.

Like it or not, the same process also applies to our method of selecting a prospective partner. If we're not attracted to the aspects of a person that are immediately apparent, we simply move on. Never mind that this person may have lots of wonderful qualities. Just as a book may have a marvelous story that goes unread due to poor packaging, many delightful people remain alone simply because they don't make a good first impression.

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