The Leait You Need to Know

> Even if your ultímate goal is a steamy seduction, your aim on the first date should mainly be to have fun.

>■ The best cure for date anxiety is to focus on the other person, instead of on the impression you're making,

> Use your first date to begin picking up dues about what turns your partner on; these observations will help you set the stage for a delicious seduction.

V Kissing on the first date is okay, if both of you are comfortable with it, but try to avoid getting physically intímate too early in the relationship.

> If you're interested in going out with someone again, you should let the person know, but if he or she is definitely not interested in a repeat performance, don't waste time in pursuit.

> If you're not interested in going out with someone again, be honest but be kind. Remember the Golden Rule.

> No one expects you to decide if a penon is your soul mate after only one date, but you should ask yourself some fundamental question! to determine whether or not you want to continue the relationship to the seduction stage. You don't want to seduce, or be seduced by, someone who is completely wrong for you.

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