The Least Vou Need to Know

>■ Even if you're not expecting a lifelong commitment there are many reason?, to think carefully before having sex with someone.

> Don't have sex with anyone until the two of you have discussed AID5 and other sexualfy transmitted diseases, and have come up with a mutually agreeable protection plan,

>■ Don't have sex without add retting the issue of contra« ption, if applicable.

Being blinded by lust can cause you to have sex with someone who's wrong for you, or it can ruin a relationship with someone who would have been good fo( you.

Don't go to bed with someone unless you feel something more than physical Just for that person. You may not be in love, but you should feel intellectually attracted to and emobonafly safe with this individual.

>■ Whether Or not you are seeking a long-term relationship, you do need to think beyond the seduction, so you'll have an idea of where the relationship is going

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Chapter 15

Setting the Stage for Seduction.

You may be the most seductive, alluring human ever to walk the earth, but if you don't get your partner thinking of you in seductive terms, you might well end up in that "platonic purgatory" we spoke of earlier. Remember, the brain is the most powerful erogenous zone we have. It only follows that touching this zone with just the right balance of suggestiveness and restraint will elevate the delicious tension that is building between the two of you.

In this chapter, we'll look at some simple things you can do to inspire your partner to see you in a sensuous light as you move closer to your first sexual encounter with each other. We will look at the art of using little tricks—without trickery—to let your partner see how attractive and desirable you really are, and to ensure that you have a firm place in his or her fantasies.

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