The Least You Need to Know

> Sex is most fulfilling in the context of a loving relationship.

> Real Jove exists when you put your partner's need* on the same level as your own {as opposed to above or below) -

>- Although the expcric nee of love is diffo re nt for everybody, m ost ro ma ntic relationships go through fa inly predictable stages-beginning with passionate love and, if they last, evolving into a steadier but still warm state sometimes known as companionate love.

>■ Although the initial passion inevitably fades somewhat with time, it if not only possible but desirable to keep passion afk^ in a romantic relationship,

> Commitment is an internal pledge hoth parties must make to themselves and to each other; you cannot coerce someone into making a commitment to you.

> Seduction can be a never-ending process if you make the conscious choice to stay in love with the relationship, with yourself, with your partner, and with life,


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