The Least You Need to Know

V The timing of the first time you have iex should be up to the woman, because emotional safety is a greater issue for women,

>■ It doesn't matter who makes the first move, but if you do, be unequivocal about it. However, pa/ attention to your partner's responses, and if he or she iin't ready, don't push.

There's really no set script for sex, and one cou pie's foreplay ma/ be another couple's main event.

The single most important thing a woman needs to do to please a man sexually is to enjoy herself when she's in bed with him—it'll really make him feel that he's a wonderful lover,

>- it's important that a man let his woman know she's beaufafuf—not just while he's trying to get her into bed, but during and after love making as well,

A delicious seduction doesn't end when the sex act ii over; it's important that you hold each other and enjoy the afterglow.

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