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Guys, here are a few tips to keep your woman happy in bed, before and after. Let Her Know She's Beautiful

As I said in the last chapter, a woman needs to feel that she is beautiful to the man with whom she is making love. Tell her she is beautiful—with words, but also with your actions, and keep telling her throughout the course of your lovemaking. If she has agreed to keep the lights on, you need to make her feel glad she did! Let her know you savor her. As your eyes, hands, and mouth wander down her body, linger at each new turn, devouring the tastes and aromas that are so uniquely her. Make every touch show her how very appealing you find her. Let her know you find as much pleasure from the feel of your hand resting upon her hip, or from the swell of her breast against your palm, as you do from the feeling of your penis inside her.

By the way, some women are somewhat self-conscious about how they look when they "lose control" and abandon themselves to orgasm. Be sure to let her know she has never looked more beautiful to you.

Aïk the Love Coach

Aïk the Love Coach

Some men try to model their sexual techniques on what they have teen in X-rated movies, or learned from their world-wise friends during their adolescence, You should realise that the vSit majority ofX-rated films are produced by men, to cater to men's fantasies, and have very little basis in women's seKual needs. Tfie best way to find out what your woman's sexual needs are is to let her show you-

Make Her Know You Really Want to Please Her

If there is a goal you need to strive for with a woman, it is to let her know that her enjoyment is of paramount importance to you. Ask her what she likes, and pay attention when she tells you (or shows you). The key is to take your time. A "stop and smell the roses" attitude is important in all aspects of life, but especially with sex. Too many times, I've heard women complain that the minute they started responding to a man's touch, he would immediately shift into what amounted to a sprint toward intercourse and, ultimately, his own orgasm, leaving the woman feeling like she was just an accessory to his own pleasure.

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Remember that many women cannot have an orgasm through intercourse, or through intercourse ¿forte. However, many women are still reluctant to be completely honest about this with men. If your woman- does tell you that she has difficulty in this area, be grateful for her honesty-but don't take it as a challenge. Don't feel obligated to be the great lover who finally makes her come via intercourse, Otherwise, you'H be putting pressure {and not the pleasurable kind) on her and on yourself. Just concentrate On giving her pleasure in whichever way she desires.

On the other hand, I've talked to a number of women who said that their man made them feel as if they were a temple at which he worshipped. Every woman dreams of being with a man who seems not just motivated, but almost obsessed with ensuring that she experiences all the pleasure she desires.

Always Make Her Feel Safe

Remember that to fully give herself up to an experience, a woman must feel both emotionally and physically safe with you. Even if a woman is the type who craves adventure, she wants to know that you aren't going to put her at risk, either physically or emotionally. Oscar Wilde once wrote that "Some temptations are so great it takes great courage to yield to them." No matter how deliciously seductive and alluring you are, if a woman doesn't feel really safe with you, she will not open up to you completely.

Heart Brakes

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