The Wicked Queen

Lisa and James had been dating for a few months when, one weekend, James told Lisa he wanted to give her a gift. "You've given me so much, without asking for much in return," he said. "I can't afford to take you away for a weekend right now, but I would like to fulfill one of your secret fantasies. Just name it; I'll do anything you want."

Lisa was a sweet and rather passive person, so James was somewhat surprised when she requested to play "Wicked Queen." She explained that James was to be her slave, and must fulfill her every wish or his whole village would be executed. Lisa was an amateur actress, so details were important to her. She left the room and returned in a regal but sexy outfit, and a totally new demeanor.

Immediately, Queen Lisa began giving James orders. First, he was to remove his clothes—slowly. "And you're going to remain naked until I tell you otherwise," she commanded imperiously.

Then Lisa began ordering James to do very specific things to pleasure her, directing him at every turn: "Slower. Lighter. Harder. Softer. More to the left." The comfort and confidence with which Lisa had slipped into this role struck James as humorous, and at one point he chuckled. Whereupon Lisa slapped him and told him slaves weren't allowed to laugh, only to follow orders. James really got into his slave role after that, and went on to pleasure his queen for hours until they both fell into a deep, sweet sleep.

The next morning when James woke up, he reached over and, gently and playfully, he pushed Lisa out of bed. Then he carefully put his foot on her throat and said, "The Wicked Queen is dead!" She looked up demurely at him, smiled, and said, "Of course, James."

Two things were different after that night. One, James really knew how to make love to Lisa now; the Wicked Queen had taught him many things that sweet Lisa had been too shy to communicate. And two, whenever he looked at his sweet, good-natured Lisa, he knew there was a woman with a backbone of steel. He also saw a woman with the imagination and creativity to surprise him with a sublime seduction.

This one was definitely going to keep him on his toes. Pier Pressure

Bill took Madison to his lake house for the weekend. As it began to get dark, Bill grilled some fresh salmon and vegetables for dinner. Madison started to set the table, but Bill stopped her, pulling out a picnic basket. "Put the utensils and plates in here," he said. "It's such a beautiful night I thought we'd eat out on the pier tonight. Let's go." They took the short walk down to the pier, with Madison carrying the basket while Bill brought the food. He also carried a plush clean comforter.

When they reached their destination, Madison was quite surprised to see a mattress lying on the pier. "Hmmm, where did that come from?" she asked. Bill just smiled, feigning innocence as he spread the comforter on the mattress and began laying out the dinner.

Darkness had fallen by then. There was no moon, but the stars were out and a cool breeze was blowing off the lake; the night felt magical. "Wait, I forgot the champagne," Bill said, and Madison offered to go back and get it. As she walked back up to the house, she looked around and realized how dark it was; she couldn't see Bill or the pier from the house.

After they finished the delicious dinner, Bill began to kiss Madison and remove her clothes, pushing her gently back onto the soft comforter. She protested mildly, saying, "What about your neighbors?" Bill reassured her, confirming what she'd already seen for herself: Even though they could see into the neighbors' homes, they themselves were shrouded in darkness. No one would be able to see their nakedness except each other. So there, under the stars, they made love. Afterwards they talked and had more champagne, and then made love again.

Madison says that now whenever she closes her eyes, she can recapture that evening; she can smell the water, see the stars, hear the waves, and feel the breeze. She swears this is the night she fell in love with Bill. The man she thought she had known was logical, analytical, and really quite conventional—almost to the point of being stuffy. That one night under the stars changed her assessment of him from good old dependable Bill to the most deliciously seductive man she has ever known.

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