Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up

As you've probably guessed by now, I love the movies, and not just for entertainment purposes. For the seductress or seducer, film can be a rich source of erotic images and ideas.

In preparing for your night to remember, imagine yourself as the actor or actress in a movie you thought was hot, hot, hot. For you women, it might be Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, or Kim Basinger in 9 V2 Weeks or The Marrying Man. For you men, it might be Antonio Banderas in Desperado or Leonardo diCaprio in Titanic. (If no movie or star comes to mind immediately, check the list a little later in this chapter.)

Try visualizing yourself as that seductive screen god or goddess. Have the confidence—in your body, your kisses, and your touches—that you think this sizzling seductress or seducer would have. Understand that you are not comparing yourself to these icons; you are merely using their images to amplify your own erotic feelings, which will help you project your sexiness to your partner. This technique really works. If you think sexy, you'll be sexy—and you will get rave reviews from your lover.

Your Own Private Mood Enhancers

You can put yourself into a sexy mood before you even see your date. Here are a few tips for getting your senses—and your sensibilities—primed:

1. Since we've been talking about movies, now is a good time to suggest that you rent, and watch a few scenes from, your favorite sexy, seductive movie. Can't think of any right off the bat? Well, here's a short list to get you started. You'll notice I've already mentioned some of them, but I'll list them again here, along with a few other selections.

• Sirens (pick a scene, any scene.. .let's say, the blindfold scene)

• Don Juan de Marco (especially the opening seduction scene)

• Basic Instinct (the famous interrogation scene)

• Last Tango in Paris (may be a bit rough and explicit for some, but many find this one incredibly sexy)

• Body Heat (Kathleen Turner really heats this one up)

• Disclosure (office sex scene)

• Sea of Love (has some hot scenes with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin)

• Love at Large (a quirky but sexy takeoff on the film noir genre; has a seductive soundtrack too)

• Belle de Jour (with Catherine Deneuve; 'nuff said!)

2. Read a few pages from your favorite erotic literature. If you're not familiar with any erotic literature, check out the Resources list in Appendix A at the back of this book for just a few ideas.

3. Eat or drink something you find deliciously seductive or sensuous—a strawberry, an orange, a chocolate truffle, a glass of champagne. Exercise moderation, of course, and be sure to brush your teeth afterwards.

Not only will these little teasers help get you really in the mood, they'll also provide a diversion to take the edge off any pre-game jitters you still may be experiencing.

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