Unexpected Places Its Not So Much Where You Go As What You Bring

If we were to list all the places where you could potentially meet someone interesting, we would fill a wall of books, and still be woefully incomplete. In the final analysis, the place really isn't that important. What does matter is your attitude, your intent, and, to put it simply, who you are.

A pleasant, confident person has a better chance of attracting someone in the dentist's waiting room than a dour person has of dazzling someone at an upscale cocktail party. You've probably heard the saying, "No matter where you go, there you are!" Keep this in mind as you go about your daily tasks. Enter every situation completely seduced by life, and you will draw to yourself people who want to be seduced, as well.

I don't care if you're in the Laundromat washing your underwear, or in the grand ballroom of a four-star hotel toasting foreign dignitaries. Be the fascinated—and therefore, fascinating—person you want to be. If you're standing in line at the movie theater, realize that your place in line is a potentially rich resource for life experiences, not just an inconvenience on the way to an experience.


Remember: Ufc is what happens while you're making plans. ,, ■


Remember: Ufc is what happens while you're making plans. ,, ■

Make your plans for your day, your week, or your life, but allow yourself the freedom to experience all the wonderful things that don't always fit into those plans. If you can truly embrace the experiences that come your way, and remain open to the ones that simply happen, you will find yourself seduced by life. And when you are seduced by life, other people will be seduced by your very presence. They, too, will forget about the details such as place or schedule, and will seek to absorb the richness of life that you so obviously savor.

The Least You Need to Know

> When deciding where you want to go to meet attractive people, take into account who you are and what you want and match your destination accordingly.

>■ Clubs and bars, though they are at the top of many people's hot list, are often not the best places to meet a date.

>■ Bookstore*, special interest organizations, and religious groups are viable (and relatively safe) placet to meet compatible people.

> If yo Li are looking for a partner, the Internet and personal ads are two possible sources, but both hold lots of potential for deception or even danger.

Dating services can be useful tools for finding compatible partners, but beware that you don't become hooked on the process.

>- Friends can be an excellent resource for meeting people to dabe, but you must let your friends know you're serious, and be specific about what you want in a date.

> Your attitude and who you are ultimately matter more than where you are when looking for a compatible partner.

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