Welcome to Fantasy Island

Most of us, no matter how reserved or conservative we are, have fantasies that linger in the back of our minds, taunting us when we allow our thoughts to wander. We typically keep these fantasies hidden from all but our most intimate companions. But as we've just seen with the dream scenario above, the sharing of such private thoughts—or the suggestion that you may be a part of the other person's fantasy—can be a powerful means for connecting with the person you want to seduce.

The most powerful tool at your disposal here is subtlety. You don't want to give your partner a point-by-point description of a fantasy involving the two of you. It is better to plant a seed of an idea, and allow your partner to fill in the blanks according to his or her own desires.

Say the two of you are out on a particularly beautiful evening, and the chemistry seems to be there between you, but is, as yet, undefined. You look up at the night sky and state, almost absent-mindedly, how wonderful it would be to have a sailboat and a month's vacation time. Your partner's first question would likely be to ask you where you would go. You could simply smile and answer, "Everywhere. Want to come along?" Your partner would naturally be intrigued. As you describe the details of your fantasy, you go just far enough to get the other person involved.

you're notgwingout ioforrpatkm that he or she isn't ready to accept If the fantasy is a sexual one, don't go into explicit details. If it is a romantic fantasy, give enough information to let the person know you're interested, but not so much that he or the feels you're looking for a nrem-ature commitment

"I can see the sky, bluer than I've ever seen, with only a wisp of clouds. We sail into a deserted bay, drop anchor, and swim to shore. Once we get to the beach, we fall down on the warm sand to catch our breath. The sun seems to be shining only for us, and this wide expanse of beach feels like a whole other world, where we are the only inhabitants. Then I would lean over and kiss the nape of your neck, and taste the saltiness of the water on you." Before you know it, you have your partner fantasizing about spending time in some tropical paradise with you, alone, nearly naked, and being tenderly kissed. Once again, you have made your partner an active participant in his or her own delicious seduction, with the primary erogenous zone—the brain—providing guideposts to the alluring images that nobody outside his or her mind can equal.

Bring your partner along on such a "fantasy journey" requires you to do only three things:

1. Pay attention to the clues you are given as to his or her own desires.

2. Use a little creativity in painting the mental picture.

3. Always be subtle in your descriptions.

Done properly, this can pave the way for even greater fantasies being brought to reality in your relationship.

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