When Silence Is Goldenand When to Break That Silence

So far, we've paid a lot of attention to what not to say, and how not to act when you approach someone, so it's probably time to give you some pointers on what you should say, and how to approach someone in a way that makes that person feel valued and special.

The first and most important rule in determining what to say is "Don't say anything!" That doesn't mean you should turn yourself into a silent bump on a log. What it does mean is that before you speak, you need to look and listen. Most people give a series of clues, both subtle and blatant, as to what they're about and what is important to them. A truly alluring person will actually pay attention to those clues, and structure his or her approach around them.

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Here's some general advice on how to approach someone you're attracted to, based on whether they're a talker or an observer.

In many ways, talkers are easier to approach than observers, because they give out more blatant signals. Let's say you've walked up to someone who is engaged in a conversation. Listen carefully to what is being said and look for signs that he or she feels strongly about a topic. Then, ask yourself how your own feelings might be

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