You Can Get There From Here Putting Your Best Self Forward All the Time

As you begin to develop your seductive new self, you are bound to face a few setbacks. I mentioned earlier in the chapter that the thought of reinventing yourself can be pretty daunting. It can seem even more so when you first begin to "try your wings" with your newly refined persona. Here are some guidelines to help you through the transition period.

• Don't get discouraged when you find the "old you" looking back at you from the mirror. That "you" is still a part of the new person you are creating; it's just improved.

• Remember that one of the biggest challenges to th3newly emerging, alluring person you are becoming will arise when you come face to face with someone who is intimately familiar with the way you were before. Just as we have a

Remember: Excenive selectivity takes the worry out of being close. Actually, it takes the being dose out of being dose. If you find yourself Continually rejecting people because they don't measure up to the esacting list of standards you've created, perhaps it f! time to re-evafuate your standards—and your Own motives. How many -of the criteria on your list are really necessary for your happiness in s relationship, and how many reflect arbitrary standards that few people could ever live tip to?

Heart Brakes

Heart Brakes tendency, as adults, to revert to our roles as children when we visit relatives, we also tend to allow our old attitudes to emerge when we reunite with old friends and lovers who knew us "then." Before we know it, the new, improved "me" evaporates, leaving only the person we have been trying so hard to outgrow. The good news is that just being aware of this tendency will help you overcome it.

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