Youre on a Journey Together So Dont Forget the Souvenirs

At the very beginning of a relationship, there are little signposts that remind you of the excitement you felt on those first couple of dates. Some couples, married for decades, remember a special song that was playing the first time they were out together. For others, the place they went on their first date is forever wrapped in the special ambience they felt that first night. It is important to remember the little details, because doing so tells your partner that you continue to look upon him or her with passion and excitement. It's the little things, not the grand gestures, that tell your partner you're still interested.

While it is impossible to determine beforehand, and nearly as difficult to tell during the early part of your relationship, what those special signposts may be, you can pick up on the things that especially move your partner. All you have to do is pay attention.

For instance, men, if she especially enjoyed the flowers you brought her on your first date, you might want to place that same kind of flower on her car seat, sneak one in front of her at the restaurant, or call ahead and have the maitre d' put a single flower on her place setting. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Or, women, let's say one of his great passions is playing his guitar, and you love it when he plays for you. Take note of the type of guitar he plays and then go to a music store and surprise him with a new set of strings for it. He will be moved by the gesture of encouragement and support.

Even little things, like holding onto a book of matches or a napkin you picked up on your first date, can tell your partner you remember—and value—even the earliest times you spent together. The list of souvenirs and signposts is as long as the list of people who date, so don't bother trying to follow some set formula. The simple fact that you thought enough to remember the little things will mean a lot to your partner.

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