Turnaround Structure

1- Don't acknowledge that she's even pissed. Don't show any facial expressions of reaction to her getting upset. Laugh it off, but in a way where you're not laughing to cover up discomfort. Like you think she's almost joking or teasing. This is important, because if she thinks you realized she was serious, it's natural psychology to be consistent to it and not let it go.

2- Interpret it like she just qualified herself to you, in the way that she showed that she can stick up for herself. Do this in a funny way, using funny mini-cold-reads or future adventures projections.

3- Give a brief sincere apology from a position of authority.

4- Follow up immediately with something funny or intriguing to distract her. "Change her mood not her mind." "I grew up with a sister, and teasing was a form of affection" "We're like Sam and Diane from Cheers"

Another concept is that when you heat up the situation, people will crave rapport. The feel the emotional/psychological heat of the interaction, and they want relief of discomfort. Your "apology" and change of subject provides that relief.

Grandmaster Style—Sexually Overt C&F (From alt.seduction.fast) GM style explained

Contributed to ASF (alt.seduction.fast) by Nathan Szilard, this is the description of the technique used by a pickup artist acquaintance of his nicknamed Grand Master Flash's. Hence the name GM technique. The key here is smutty sex jokes and continuous humorous sex-talk with keen attention to how the girl reacts, so as to forestall any negative reactions (and you can be sure, there will be plenty in the beginning!) by saying "just kidding", giving an "apologetic" hug to the girl etc. The reasoning here is this, that if the girl has no chance to express her negative comments about sex-jokes and -comments, this translates in her subconscious to agreeing and accepting what is being said. The defenses will eventually go down, she has to imagine all the sex-jokes in her mind in order to understand them, and although she might be disgusted or repelled about them in the first place, she won't be able to express her negativism, her mind is bombarded with more sexual references, she just keeps imagining and before she knows it, nature kicks in and. she's getting horny! Simple. But potentially dangerous as hell - you really need to be in your element with all the sex jokes and keep "just kidding" in time not to get slapped in the beginning etc. Otherwise you could fail miserably.

Nathan Szilard on GM Flash and his technique, ASF: "That's his aggressive style. Basically he told them he wanted to fuck from the beginning. He had the attitude that he could satisfy them sexually. He had the confidence that says he does this all the time. He was in their face. He was making them excited. He was stimulating them like they are not USED TO being stimulated. If they were going to resist, they would have resisted when he first told them what he wanted from them. There is the INCORRECT assumption that chicks don't like DICK! They love it and they want it! The problem is they want it from the guys they want it from. All he has to do is offer them the SECOND best thing... sexual satisfaction as opposed to sex with a man they WANT! He doesn't even have to satisfy them:) It's too late by the time he's fucking them! All he has to do is make them BELIEVE that if they get with him he is going to fuck them WELL! They couldn't resist because at some point they became HORNY and wanted that RELEASE!"

GM style lines

Nathan Szilard, ASF:

• "If you buy me a drink, you might get lucky tonight"

• "Well I can't please every girl but I'll give YOU a chance tonight"

• "Women are lining up to be with me"

• "It's tough to be such a sex symbol"

• "Aren't you going to get too horny if I sit next to you?"

• "I'm organising an orgy for my friend's birthday. Wanna come?"

• "I like you because you're intelligent (gesture over her breasts). I like myself because I'm intelligent too (gesture over your dick)." (once GM even later got a phone-call where the girl said she wanted to show him her intelligence)

• "If you're nice to me I'll lick you."

• "How does it feel like to be with (one/two) handsome guys?"

• "My friend's jealous because mine is bigger."

• "I love myself sooo much I can't leave myself alone."

• "I wish I could split myself in 5 "me"s so that I could please ALL the women."

• "I have to go to the hospital tomorrow" - "What for?" - "To get an operation, (pointing down) mine's too big"

• "Do you know how I can have a 10 inch dick?" (how) "When I fold it in half"

• "Can you help me? I have to pee and the doctor said I can't lift anything heavy."

• "You know, if you were even HALF as gorgeous as me I'd consider sleeping with you."

• "You're a 9.9 You'd only be a perfect 10 if you were naked and on top of me."

• "Hey you've got something on your butt." (What?) "My eyes!"

• "My lips are registered weapons."

• Group approach: "Ok I'm gonna have sex with you, you, and you. Alright, who's first?"

• "Have you tried an AUSTRALIAN kiss? It's like a French kiss but Down Under."

• "Let's just bypass all the bullshit and let's get naked."

• "I wonder, how would your inner thighs feel against my cheeks?"

• "Let's flip a coin: Head at my place, tail at yours."

• "I want to passionately kiss you on the lips...then work my way up to your bellybutton."

• "You know, if I were you I'd have sex with me."

• "May I pleasure you with my tongue?"

• "It would be so good my NEIGHBOURS will have a cigarette when we're done."

• "Your hair and my pillow are perfectly colour-coordinated."

• "I think I could fall madly in bed with you."

• "You look great, the only problem is your clothes." (what's wrong?) "They're still on."


• You know, that really bothers me, all those girls going after me, and they're only interested because of it, you know...I want to be appreciated for who I am, not for just my HUGE penis."

• "I should'nt talk about that, I don't want you to get incredibly turned on... I don't want you to make a mental picture of a huuuuuuuuuuuuge throbbing tasty penis." (Nathan: "Her eyes were glowing -- you could tell what she had in mind!")

• "It's not possible to be cute without being picked up ... sometimes I wish I wasn't so cute" (Nathan: "One of the most important aspects of the GM technique is REVERSING ROLES")

• You: "Do you wake up early in the morning?". Her: "No, not really". You: "Good, I don't like to be woken up".

Whenever they don't react positively enough, you say:

• "Last time I saw someone as excited as you, she was in a coma!"

• "If you don't like cute guys, just tell me!" (Most of the time the reply will be "no, no, we do like cute guys!". This question reframes their possible dislike of you into a dislike of "cute guys" in general, which however they want to deny, thus being forced to confess, that they actually do like you. Tricky eh?)

Nathan Szilard, ASF: "OKAY ONE IMPORTANT THING: you'd think that he gets blown off every time he says something that stupid, right? YES HE SHOULD!! He would IF he didn't say "JUST KIDDING " *before* she has a chance to reply. Psychologically speaking, since she does not have the time to reply negatively, she's somewhat agreeing. It's rather obvious when you see it happening. If she starts replying negatively, he cuts her down by saying, "yeah I like to say stupid things, life's too short not to have fun" or "I like to act like a little kid - I Am a kid". And then he continues with what he started with:) One other thing he uses to go kino fast and often is insulting the girl and then "apologizing" right away by kissing and hugging:)

A possible explanation of why the GM style actually works, Nathan Szilard: "You don't get rejected as you would expect - when you think about it, to reject something, you have to know what it is. When you've heard one particular line a thousand times, you know what it means, what it is, what it aims at ... When GM approaches she's here, wondering what the fuck is going on ... it's so outrageous, she can't react in a predetermined way."

From someone who tried the GM technique just to test it, ASF: "It was at the point I was feeling a little guilty because one was a real sweetheart and I just wanted to fall back to being nice and letting her talk about her boyfriend - but when I did - I could instantly see it was a mistake so I'd come off with "I gotta get an operation tomorrow..." and she'd come back with a "You're so bad" and hitting me... It was easy and she made sure to give me her phone number! I didn't even ask! This experiment tells me to memorize every one of these lines. They are killer! Pure gold! These are powerful jokes. Funny how the one who gave me her phone number kept saying she loved a sense of humour. I thought the jokes weren't funny at all. I was just mouthing words and she was laughing. I couldn't believe it. The other one had to go but she fell right into talking about sex. WOW!'"


Nathan Szilard, ASF: An idea to go beyond GM style: describing the woman as a slut. Instead of telling her "you are beautiful" as an AFC does, describe her as if she was doing something overtly and consciously sexual.

See where I'm going?

What I learned from GM, well and from textbook psychology - you can get people to form an opinion about themselves. Let that opinion be that she is a slut.

The word "slut" in this context is a highly sexual and constantly horny female (not a prostitute).

Update. Doing a pick-up on the street GM-style (suggested by Nathan Szilard, ASF). You have eye-contact with a woman on the street, she passes, and when you turn back, make sure she hears this: "Hey! ... What does this mean? You ogle at me and you don't even stop to talk to me? I'm not a sex object!". She'll probably be standing there, looking back at you and feeling stunned, now go approach, introduce yourself, act all "hurt" for being taken as only a sex object, offer her to chance to make it up to you by having the two of you getting to know each other over a cup of coffee etc:)

Panties in the air. "Hey girls, do you know how you can tell whether you liked us?" (How?) "Well tonight, when you get back to your place, and you take off your panties, throw them in the air. If they stick to the ceiling, then that means that you liked us!" (Nathan Szilard, ASF "I couldn't fucking believe it, the girls laughed hysterically!!":)

Other GM-Style jokes:

Q. What's the difference between light and hard? A. You can sleep with a light on.

Q. Why is sex like a bridge game?

A. You don't need a partner if you have a good hand.

It's best to use sexually overt C&F after you've already attracted the woman a bit with C&F on neutral topics, role-playing, etc. If a woman isn't attracted to you yet, and you start making all these sexual jokes, you'll come off goofy and you won't get taken very seriously. For example, imagine you're talking to a really fat chick for whom you have no attraction. You ask her what she does for a living and she says, C&F, "I'm a Victoria's Secret model". It's funny and goofy but it doesn't really arouse anything in you, since you're not attracted to her in the least to start with. You might laugh, but in your head you're thinking "NASTY!" Now, when you first roll up on a woman, unless you're unusually attractive you're the same to her as the fat girl is to you. To her you're just another guy from the 35 who approached her so far today, and she has no attraction for you sparked in her one way or the other. If you make sexual comments at that point she might laugh, but in her head she'll think "PIG" and won't take you seriously. BUT once you get her attracted with the attraction methods, bringing up sexual themes or overtly-sexual C&F ("GM style") will get her thinking about sex. That's where you wanna be.

13. Using fluff talk to bridge between attraction points

When you meet a woman you're attracted to, at all times you should be attempting to reach "attraction points", points where her interest in you is at a peak. Getting into a fun role-play with her would be an attraction point. But the attraction point will at some point wind down (for example you can't keep a role-play up forever), and you need to keep things lively. Fluff talk is a way to keep the conversation animated between attraction points. It allows you to hold a woman's attention and interest until you find a window of opportunity to use an attraction technique or theme.

Keep your fluff talk FUN! Don't get bogged down into boring, interview-type conversation: Where did you grow up, what do you do, where did you go to high school, blah blah blah. These questions are BLAH! Every other guy will ask her these kinds of boring, unoriginal questions that bog down the fun atmosphere. You must impress upon her that you are FUN and that she should keep talking to you, so avoid "DEATH topics".

If it's not appropriate to be "fun", at least be emotionally engaging. Women see the world through their emotions, and will rarely pass up an opportunity to discuss emotions, especially relating to men & women, and dating.

If you absolutely MUST ask common questions, try and put a C&F spin on them:

"What's the story behind that?" (good for anything from a necklace to an interesting purse, etc) Ask sort of suspiciously, as if she doesn't know whether you approve of it or disapprove.

"What do you do?" (before she can answer) "Let me guess.You're a lion tamer aren't you? Do you stick your head all the way in the lion's mouth? That must be pretty dangerous work."

"What part of town are you from?" (answer) "Oh, you're one of THOSE girls?" (when she asks "what do you mean??" avoid answering and change the subject)

"So what do you do for fun?" Makes her think you might be a "fun guy" to be around, while at the same time gives you your answer as to whether she is taken or not. If she's in a serious relationship, most of the time she will mention the bf when talking about what she likes to do. You can even ask this in a mischievous way and add "Aside from the obvious stuff I mean" if the girl seems that type.

"Do you like ice cream?" (Yes) "On which part of your body do you like it best? Kidding!" Most women like ice cream and will respond to the first part of the question in the affirmative. This is also a test question to see if she's the type who'd get a kick out of GM style/sexually overt C&F.

Now, if she's asking interview-type questions about you, she's interested in you and trying to build rapport. Quit the C&F after a couple questions and just answer them from then on, and ask them back, LIKE NORMAL.

(What do you do?) "I do a lot of things." (scoff) "What, like you mean you want me to tell you where I work? Do you want to stalk me or something? What do YOU do? Other than stalking guys at their jobs, I mean?" (blah blah, later asks again) "Guess". (Are you a X?) "Don't insult me like that! Guess again." (Second guess) "Don't insult me like that either!"

(What do you do?) "I'm a pimp, wanna be one of my hoes?" (whatever answer) "Well I couldn't take you anyway, I have a special clientele of Japanese business men who pay by the pound.so I only have really fat girls working for me. Your ass is too skinny and you wouldn't bring in enough cash."

(What do you do?) "I'm an ass model." (If she laughs stick out your ass at her, and have her hit or feel your ass to see how hard it is) "Do you dare doubt THIS ass?"

(What do you do?) "I work for a male escort agency.We specialize in G-spot orgasms. Our market research showed that women aren't having enough quality orgasms."

(What do you do?) "I'm a painter". (houses, artwork?) "FORGERIES. Van Gogh's mostly, sometimes a Picasso."

(What do you do?) "I'm one of those guys who goes around seducing rich women out of their money. Are you rich??"

(What's your name?) "Guess." ("Robert" or whatever) "Are you serious?? Do I LOOK like a Robert to you?? That's such a geeky name! That's it, there's NO WAY I'm letting you name our future kids!"

She asks you what you did today: "I went to get some things at the drugstore. You know, NEEDLES to feed my heroin habit...I was running low. But the worst part was I ran into my PIMP on the way back. He told me I wasn't bringing in enough cash, so I'd have to pull a double tomorrow night. So there goes my sleep again."

If she looks bored, here's your emergency first-aid to re-inject fun in the encounter: "You look BORED! The last time I saw a woman this excited, she was in a COMA!" (confirms she's bored) "Medic! We need 50mg of adrenaline over here, STAT!" [Place your hands apart and say] "So you're pretty sure you don't feel *this* excited yet?" (no) [Bring your hands closer] "Maybe you're feeling *this* excited?" (No, not really.) [Hold up in one hand a very small gap between your thumb and forefinger and, smiling but seriously]: "Could you possibly be at the very least *this* excited?" If she's not smiling by now, she's a lost case. If she IS, then say "See? You're smiling, you're starting to have fun now! So what do you do for fun when you're bored?"

If she says she's stressed: "I'll help you relax with an ancient Indian relaxation technique." (Start gently rubbing her ear lobe and pulling her hair back firmly, which of course only gets her all hot and flustered!)

If you're getting clingy vibes from her, or she seems to keep bringing up relationships: "I think that people get into relationships too fast. I think that two people should wait a MINIMUM of a few months before they even think about it. I have to know someone before I'm running around calling them my girlfriend. Most of the problems happen because people get involved too fast." Engages her in an emotional conversation, as you discuss this.

If she says she's angry about something, or it shows when she's talking about it: "Are you angry?" (a bit) "I don't believe you. I think you're FAKING anger!" (If she denies it) "Ok then, PROVE you're mad! Come on now! Show me your angriest face... GRRRRRRRRR [make a GRRRRR face] Come on, you can do it!!!" (the best part is when they TRY to put on an angry face but cant keep it) "That's a terrible mad face! I don't see a future for you in professional wrestling." This can also be used successfully as a turnaround if she's a little angry at you for whatever.

"If you really like a guy, how many times do you let the phone ring before you pick it up? If you only "sorta" like the guy? What if you hate the guy? Voicemail?" This can open up an interesting discussion on games she plays with guys who call her (and can even you an insight on whether she's flaky or not). It also gives material to bust on her later if she answers right away ("You answered after two rings! You must really like me.") Last but not least, you can use the whole discussion about calling to set up a number close.

If she says she has to leave, even for a minute: "Don't tell me you were scared off by my stunning good looks and sex appeal!" This parting C&F jab will have her leave on a good note, and she'll be more inclined to come back to talk to you some more.

(Discussing some activity) "We should do that together one day.IF you

BEHAVE well enough til then"

"I BET you have a nice smile..." Right after you say that, YOU smile and wait for her reaction. "Ah! See? I knew it."

"When I find my feminine side, I won't be able to stop touching it."

"My horoscope told me I should make new friends today." (what else) "It also told me finances would be a big part of my day. Are you RICH by any chance?"

Using games

Use games as a last resort if the conversation seems to be stalling too often. Ideally you should be able to carry on a conversation for hours, and keep it interesting using the material found in this program.

Soul Gazing: "Have you ever heard of soul gazing?" (yes or no) "Really? It's something they teach in Tantra. It's where two lovers stare deeply into each others eyes to really become in touch with each other. Wanna try it?" (follow with eye contact with bedroom eyes for as long as possible, if she starts to giggle then move in and kiss her)

"Let's play the Lying Game: I ask you a question, and you have to come up with the biggest, worst LIE to answer it. The more outrageous the better! You can't just say "yes" when the answer is "no". Then you ask me a question and so on."

Groupset Fluff Talk

(For 3 sets) Use a mini cold-read by saying one is the leader, one is the shy girl that's really the bad one and one is too nice to be with the other two. If there's four, point to the fourth and say "And you, I haven't quite figured out yet." This one is good to use on your target.

(For 2 sets) Tyler Durden came up with the idea of the "Best Friends Test", and in his words, it's CHICK CRACK. They love it. Get talking with a 2-set. At a certain point say, "I'm going to test you to see if you two are close friends" (say BEST friends if they appear to be so). The girls will take you up on the challenge, and you say "Which shampoo do you use?" The two girls will ALWAYS look at each other before answering, and before they can answer you say "STOP. I don't need to hear your answer, I already know that you two are close/best friends." (How?) "Well, the first thing you did when I asked the question was, you looked at each other before answering. If you two weren't close, one or both of you would've just looked straight at me and answered right away."

(In case she's joined by a male companion) "Hey, I was just asking her opinion on something and maybe both of you guys can help me on this..." Use an opinion opener. Then do a cold read on both of them. Tell the guy that he seems like he'd rather be sipping a beer, sitting on the beach somewhere, just kicking back.

"So how do you all like me so far?"

"You know what.I LOVE you guys.you guys are the best...I'm adopting you guys.you guys rock" (patronizing comment that can be applied to the whole group)

Adopt them as your rock band groupies "When I'm dirty and sweaty after a rock show, and my hair smells like smoke, you guys are gonna have to scrub me down in the shower. It's what groupies do."

"What I really need is a chick who will support me.You know, a rich girl. Are any of you rich? Do you know anyone who's rich?" (they'll name someone) "NICE... I'll be her boytoy.and then I can have affairs with you guys on the side."

If there's a guy in the group, tease them about being lesbians and having a guy hang out with them just to have a cover. They'll laugh and insist they're not lesbians. "Too bad, cause you know that's men's #1 fantasy... What do you think women's #1 fantasy is?" (If they don't know) "I can't really tell you, I have to show you so you can experience it (move in very close to the one closest to you). It's to have adventure and danger with someone strong and powerful and it feels like THIS" (reach your hand up behind the closest girl's head and pull her hair).

14. Storytelling

Telling an interesting and humorous story about something that happened to you demonstrates value. You show that you have an interesting and fun life, as well as some interesting experiences in your past.

It's important not to brag when telling a story. You want to DISPLAY value, not parade it. If there's something in your story that could be considered of value to the girl, mention it matter-of-factly as a necessary part of the story. For example, let's say the girl tells you she's just learning to ski, and you just happen to be a ski instructor. The wrong way to go about this would be to say "I'm a ski instructor" and sit back proudly waiting for an ooh-ahh reaction.

Instead, use a story to convey it in a nonchalant way. "That's cool.I remember when I started.Haha.Hey I was teaching some skiing lessons last winter and we had this 400-pound man in the group who was determined to learn how to ski.Of course he got about 10 feet down the hill before he wiped out. The guy nearly triggered an avalanche! It took 3 people to get him on the stretcher at the bottom of the hill, and when they loaded him into the ambulance.it sagged!"

When storytelling, use your voice tone, facial expressions, and body language to accentuate the story. This makes for entertaining storytelling. For example, when saying "this 400-pound man" in the story above, a good storyteller would open his eyes wide and spread has arms and say "this FOUR.HUNDRED.POUND.MAN!!"

Have 2 or 3 interesting stories off the top of your head that you can bring up at any time to liven up a conversation. Fluff talk will usually provide plenty of opportunities to segue into one of your stories, but if not, you can always use a philosophical point to transition into a story. In the case of the story above: "You know, it's funny how some people are so determined to do something that they don't realize their limitations".

15. Directing the conversation to sexual themes

The fastest way to get a woman horny is to get her talking about sex. If you tell a woman "Think about sex and get aroused" you'll most likely be either laughed at or get slapped. But by simply indulging in hot conversation you can get her juices flowing (no pun intended) and accomplish the same goal. She may even get to the point where she feels she HAS to have sex. And who will she do that with? If you've been doing a proper job attracting her with the techniques presented here, it'll be you! Even if she doesn't have intimate relations with you that very night, you've shown her that you're a sexual person who's confident about the topic. She'll also link those horny feelings to you, which will be useful for later dates.

In any interaction there'll be a proper time to turn the conversation towards sex. Often the woman will leave a wide-open window for you to comment sexually on something, and may be waiting for you to be the initiator of sextalk (due to the ASD, "anti-slut defense"--it was YOUR fault!)

Clifford, Clifford's Seduction Newsletter (Cliff's List): "One thing I have noticed is that a lot of women will kind of recoil when you say something a bit too sexual and then, if you pursue it with no apologies, they spring back very positively about the comment. It doesn't happen all the time, and certainly depends on the comment itself, but many women do respond to sexual comments after an initial, politically correct reaction."

Once you broach the topic of sex, get into it gradually before getting into heavy stuff. Here are some things you can start off with:

1) Tell her about how your female co-workers always talk about their sex lives.

2) "Do you have any sex-crazed friends?". At some point after her answer, ask "Are YOU sex-crazed?" If she says no, "Not even a little?" If she needs a little goading into the subject, say "Awww you disappoint me!" If she's seeking your approval/wants to be liked this could entice her to get talking about sex.

Once you're successfully on the topic, fire away:

An example of a line to use in a conversation. "You need to let loose and have some FUN. When was the last time you had an orgasm? I really think you need to find a guy right now... and let him bend you over the bathroom sink and let him have his way with you."

Look for sexual innuendo in everything, and use it to accuse her of trying to seduce you before you even know her. If she says "Well, I'm getting tired, and I think it's time for bed" say "Bed? I mean, I don't even know if you know how to kiss... and you're trying to get me into bed? What happened to the old days where you could make friends first?"

"Hey I'm forming a club: --People who think of sex all day Anonymous--

Wanna join? Most meetings will probably degenerate into big orgies but we'll TRY to keep things under control" (if yes): "Well membership is limited, you'll have to PROVE you're worthy of membership. How horny are you?" (if no): "Well it's probably best if you don't join, we need really horny people in the group, and I don't think you'd cut it"

"If your life was a movie, what would it be rated? PG? PG-13?" (gives answer) "No X? How far away do you think you are from an X rating?" (answer) "Well, who knows? Maybe someone (subtly self-point) will jump into your life and make it an X rated movie."

"I'm not good for you. I can only promise you HOURS AND HOURS of pleasure. You need MORE than that. You need a nice guy [point to random guy] who'll give you flowers, dinners, gifts. Me, I'll just CORRUPT you."

If she mentions on the phone that she's getting all hot and bothered, say "Hey, stop trying to trick me into phone sex. I'm not that easy!"

"Wow, you wear a ring on THIS finger? You know what that says about you?" (No) "Have you ever had sex in an elevator?" (Laughs, NO) "Well you should try it sometime!"

"Do you know what women's #1 fantasy is?" (They won't know) "I can't really tell you, I have to SHOW you so you can experience it [move in very close]. It's to have adventure and danger with someone strong and powerful and it feels like this" [reach behind her head and pull her hair]. (If she shows "goose bumps" reaction, which she should) "Oh I'm sorry, did I turn you into a quivering, horny mess?"

"What's your favorite ice cream?" (answer) "(repeat answer?) And what's your favorite part of your body to have it eaten off of?"

If she's the one to bring up sexual topics, accuse her of being a big old PERV for always having sex on her mind. Say to her: "I was trying to have an intellectual conversation, but you have to turn everything into sex! What a sinner! You're gonna burn in hell."

If she brings up the idea of sex between the two of you: "I can't sleep with you...I don't even know if you're a good kisser yet! And maybe you're a 3-minute woman, with no staying power! I need someone that lasts!"

"I love the way you spread your legs when you sit...only everything would look so much better to me if you were wearing a short dress and no panties."

"What's the craziest place you've ever had sex?" Be sure to have a damn good answer to this yourself, since she'll ask it right back.

"I don't look for one-nighters. A one night stand only means I didn't enjoy it enough to repeat it."

"Have you ever given into temptation BIGTIME? NOT necessarily in a sexual context...Unless of course you feel like answering in that context!"

If she reacts badly to taking the conversation into sexual territory: "Oh, you're a GOOD GIRI____Can I have some of your righteousness? I'm a SINNER."

Bringing out bisexuality in a woman

After a bit of sex talk you can bring up the topic of bisexuality. There are several ways to do this:

Asking: "What kind of girls do you like?" Direct and to the point. Don't fall into the trap of asking "Are you bisexual?" most women hate the label and will say no, even if they find women sexually appealing.

Joking: "So have you met any interesting guys here yet? No? Oh, so you're here to meet GIRLS then?"

Teasing: She mentions she drives a [car brand]: "I've heard that [car brand] are owned more by lesbians than any other group." (laughs if she's not a bitch) "So, are you going to get a rainbow sticker for the back?" She'll claim she's not a lesbian. "Ok good, so I won't see you at the gay parade with a shaved head and combat boots. What about just liking girls? Do you?"

Once the topic has been brought up and you're engaged in conversation about it, you can continue with this:

"I like bisexual women the most, because they're more OPEN. They're more fun, and they're better in bed. They're more adventurous, and comfortable with their own sexuality. They realize that women are sexual beings." If the woman feels she has to prove herself to you and win you over, after hearing this she'll probably drop subtle or overt hints that she's attracted to women. Once she does this, she has to follow through later to be CONGRUENT. More convincing needed? "Also, they don't get jealous if you look at other women. In fact, they're usually the ones that notice them first! And without those jealousies in a relationship, it makes it much easier to be open and honest, to be friends as well as lovers, and to really be able to connect."

If she reveals to you that she's bisexual: "Oh, I can sympathize completely. Women are beautiful creatures, so I don't blame you for being attracted to them!" (blah blah) "You know, TECHNICALLY, I'm a lesbian!"

Ask her if she likes guys or girls more. If she admits to liking girls but says that she likes men more, say "Exactly! You like girls but you still need some deep dicking!"

When you ask a girl if she's bisexual, she'll probably ask if YOU are:

YOU: Because it's not natural with men. For women it's natural. HER: Explain, blah, blah.

YOU: It's yin and yang, basically. Men are YANG energy, dominant, confrontational, and two YANG energies don't mix. When you see gay couples for example, you'll never see two dominant males together. You always see either a dominant male and a feminine, submissive male, or two submissive males together. Women are YIN energy, it's a sexually nurturing energy. But in our culture it's repressed, mostly.

Sex talk in groupsets

Because of the safety-in-numbers factor, it's far easier to bring up the topic of sex with a group. Women are used to talking about sex amongst each other, and they'll be comfortable discussing it around a guy who's befriended the group. Once the topic has come up, ask blunt, bold questions for shock value. Examples:

"Ok, who sitting at this table has ever had sex with another woman?"

"Show of hands! Has anybody here had sex in an airplane? No? What about a bus? No? Geez this is one TAME bunch.Okay what about the backseat of a car? ANY form of transportation??"

"Which one of you is the easiest?"

During the discussion you may see that one of them is participating less than the others or may be acting a bit shy. Point her out with "You're not talking much. You're the GOOD GIRL of the group, aren't you? You need to find a guy to bend you over the bathroom sink and have his way with you!" Turn to her friends and say "We've gotta get this girl LAID!" If this C&F theme goes over well, continue it. Point out guys going by and whisper to her (so that everybody can hear) "Hey what about him?" etc.

"What's the difference between making love, sex, and fucking?" (blah blah blah blah, let them talk) "Here's how I see it: MAKING LOVE is this deep connection where it's more about emotion than the physical. SEX is what you do after a long hard day and you just NEED to get off, but it's no biggie... And FUCKING is raw, powerful, and feels like this (run your hand up the back of the hair of the girl closest to you, then pull her hair. She'll squirm and say something about goose bumps or whatever). Take that feeling and multiply it 100 times. That's fucking."

16. Projecting sexual state

This technique is best used after other attraction techniques. It involves adopting a sexual state, and then projecting it onto the woman. You need to OOZE sex, and have it show in the way you talk, move, and look at her. You could be talking about the weather, but your bedroom eyes, voice tone, and body language are communicating that you want her, and that you know she wants you!

The reason this works is because human beings tend to subconsciously mirror people they like. If you build rapport with her and she's having fun, she'll begin to match your state, whatever it may be. This is explained further in the section on Rapport.

17. Establishing dominance and dealing with shit-tests

Women test men for all sorts of reasons, and it's mostly an unconscious process. Attractive women have a lot of options, and prefer men who are STRONG OF CHARACTER. If you were an attractive woman being chased by hundreds of guys, how would you go about eliminating the losers? You'd TEST them, in subtle ways that test for strength and personality. If you did this on a regular enough basis, this behavior would become unconscious and automatic.

Women will ALWAYS test you! Deal with it, learn how to handle it, and move on.

The more attracted a woman is to a man, the more she'll test him. Women don't go up to 90 year-old men and say "You jerk!" and playfully punch them in the arm. They don't go up to some horribly disfigured guy in a wheelchair and say "You think you're hot shit, don't you?" They do this to the men they're attracted to! A woman is usually nice and polite with people she's not attracted to, as social conventions dictate her to be. In fact, if a woman is being polite and overly nice with you, it's a bad sign. But if she's testing you by calling you a jerk or an ass, it's a sign that you've aroused some interest in her, and she wants to see if it's justified.

How do you know a woman is testing you? When her lips are moving! Seriously, the way to know when a woman is testing you is to look at how whatever she's saying or doing is making you feel. Anytime her words or actions make you feel put on the spot/challenged and forced to do or say something about it, you're being tested. Any time she seems to be attempting to take the lead ("Call me on Thursday and I'll let you know if I can accept your offer for a date on Friday"), it's probably a test.

It's important to know how to deal with feminine testing. This is one of the BASICS: Once you demonstrate to a woman that she can manipulate you, she loses all sexual attraction for you and designates you as a PAWN. You MUST retain control and be the MAN.

Most tests can be dealt with just by ignoring them. You DO NOT have to take every communication seriously and respond to it. So if a test is given (let's say she calls you a jerk), you can just smirk and go on and act as if it had never been said, and continue your conversation. The same principle can be applied when someone is getting overly emotional or dramatic with you. Continue as usual (applying humor in testing situations can be effective as well). To illustrate how ignoring a test works, here's an example of a real interaction I

had with a HB and her friend in her living room. The conversation centered around how much of a player she was in clubs, and how badly she treated the guys who tried to pick her up.

OFB: (To HB) *I* could pick you up REALLY easily in a club. I have the perfect pick-up line.

HB: (in disbelief) Oh, really?

OFB: First, I'd make eye contact with you from across the room. Then I'd smile and walk over to you.

OFB: Then I'd look you in the eyes, and brush your hair away from your ear. HB: HELLO, "personal space", no way I'd let you do that! Friend: Yeah, no way.

OFB: Then I'd lean in and whisper in your ear that perfect pick-up line (LONG PAUSE, then wicked smile as I put on my best "bedroom voice") --I HAVE HAGEN-DAAS CARAMEL ICE CREAM IN MY FREEZER--

HB: HAHAHAHA!!! That would work! And if it was cookie-dough ice cream, I'd be at your place before you!

Look at the dynamics of that conversation. Despite her shit-testing me 3 times in 30 seconds (with a contribution from her friend), I just plowed through and didn't even acknowledge her objections/tests. It worked and in the end, got a very favorable response. By the way, this is a great routine to use with any "playerette". Find out early in the conversation what chocolate or ice cream she's crazy about, then eventually get onto the subject of her playing guys at clubs. Then use this routine, plugging in her favorite sweet thing where it belongs. The beauty of this is that she's CERTAIN to test you after your first statement, since no woman will ever admit to being an easy pickup. And because you were the one to set up the test, you're completely ready to ignore her shit-tests and plow through (the toughest shit-tests are the ones that catch you off-guard).

Another way of dealing with tests is to PRE-EMPT the test! If you see her talking with a lot of guys, say "You're such a player! Look at you." Or if she talks to you about doing something together say "What makes you think I'd WANT to hang out with you?" (In fact, most C&F comments are in fact tests. If you see she loses her cool, she failed your test). The reason this is effective is that you steal the testing frame first. When she tries to test you in retaliation, she's doing it from a position of weakness and her tests will seem like feeble attempts to regain power.Which they are.

Another approach: At the first sign of a shit-test, SPANK her and call her a brat. It's not appropriate in all situations, but occasionally you can get away with it (especially if you two are alone).

If a woman tests you by talking about other guys she's involved with, or approaches another guy in front of you: Tell her how much you want her to be with other guys, how humans are not supposed to be together forever, all of that. PUSH HER on whatever guy she brings up (to try to make you jealous), and recommend that she fuck him. If she shit-tests you back with "You don't care about me" say "I'm the only guy you've ever met who cares ENOUGH to give you your freedom." This is called "prescribing the symptom" -- take any behavior you don't like and tell her to DO IT MORE.

Shit test response: "Where'd you get that one, Cosmo or Seventeen?"

When a woman wants you to do something for her or buy her something: "OK, I'll make you a deal. I'll do X if you give me a 1 hour massage with hot oil, nice music, and candles." Remember to use a cocky/funny tone of voice, but be serious.

(I hate it when you tease me) "So why do you look at me with such pouting desire when I do it?"

Don't apologize for anything. This doesn't mean being an arse, but show that you're defying her criticism. "I don't like that shirt." "Fine, take it off me."

If a woman tries to get you back for a C&F comment: "If only you were as cute as your comeback"

(Are you a player?) "Well I like playing WITH you" (then give her a little pat on the butt, or touch her somewhere more intimate if you've already had sex)

Some more examples of shit-tests and replies:

• You bring up sex. She says "You're SUCH a perv!" You say "You're SUCH a prude! I'll bet you're an annoying good-girl."

• You make a C&F comment. She says "You're SUCH a jerk!" Reply: "You're such an EASY target!"

• You admit you like computers. She says "You're SUCH a nerd!" You say "I'm the first person you'll call when your computer crashes!"

A good example of a reply to any "You're SUCH a__" statement test is to smile and say "You LOVE me."

(You're so___) "So THAT's why you like me so much! Ohhhh."

Another example of an excellent comeback against a test on something about you, or a "You're SUCH a__" comment is "Awww, isn't that cute, you have an opinion!"

If she complains or doesn't like something, turn it up and give it back to her. She says "I don't like that station", you turn it up a notch and smile at her. You don't have to be an ass, you can turn it back down after. But just show that you aren't easily controlled, and are independent of what she thinks.

Always raise and call her bluff. If a woman gives you some tension or tests you, call her on it. "I'm leaving, that's it" "Ok. Don't let the door hit you ass on the way out". In most cases she wasn't planning to follow through—it was a TEST.

"Buy me a drink" Shit-Test Responses

This is a fairly common situation out on the bar and club scene. It goes like this: Woman meets guy, gets interested in him, then shit-tests him with a request for a drink to see if he'll do whatever she says.

In dealing with this, keep in mind that you do NOT owe a woman anything. NEVER open a woman at a bar, lounge, or club with "Can I buy you a drink?" It indicates that you're a supplicating man who feels he has to buy a woman's attention with material objects, and says all the wrong things in that it shows you're ASKING for her time (never ask for anything, remember). You have to keep the mindset that no matter how beautiful she may be, her looks don't get her a free ride, or a free anything for that matter. Your frame is that YOU are evaluating HER. If you're using the techniques and openers outlined in this program, you should already have proven yourself worthy of her attention without needing to buy your way into her social circle.

Sometimes a woman will ask for a drink not to test you, but just because she's greedy and wants to sucker you into buying her a free drink. In this case a refusal to buy her one will weed her out right away, so you really have nothing to lose by refusing the request.

I'm not saying it's wrong to buy a woman drinks at all times. Obviously after you've talked with her for a while and you approve of her, it's cool to call the bartender over and order for her. Do this on your own and take the lead, without prompting from her or asking on your part. Don't ask her what she wants to drink—either order another of what she's already drinking, or order some distinctive drink to show you have some culture.

Here are some responses to the "Buy me a drink" shit-test:

Her: "Will you buy me a drink?"

Her (thinking "Argh... Gmph... He didn't supplicate! Could this be. a real man? What's this, I'm getting wet??"): "Am. um. Yes!"

Her: "Will you buy me a drink?" You: "Give me a French kiss."

(NOTE that the tongue play must be an explicit part of the bargain up front. None of this peck on the lips BULLSHIT, because you're still supplicating if you settle for that. Here's the beautiful part: If she says no, now SHE is the person who said "no" in the situation, instead of you! You don't have to be the "jerk" for turning her down. If she says yes, tongue-action and kino/touching right away. Then get her a drink as a reward. Note that she will probably demure before caving in, and this is your chance to show personality and be playful. Go C&F on her right away!) Accessory phrases: "You aren't uptight are you? Don't you go out to have fun? We're having fun!" OR "You like cool guys don't you?" OR "It's not HOT SEX or anything...just a little kiss!"

Her: "I need a drink"

You: "Ok, go get one, and while you're up there, grab me a rum and coke."

18. Dealing with poor behavior

Don't be shy about ejecting from a set or leaving on a date if the woman continues being a bitch or head case with no sign of letting up. If necessary, stop and step back. Excuse yourself from the set, get off the phone, or go to walk away, and say "You know, this really isn't working for me anymore. I think I'm just going to bring you home, and go relax."

Emotional Outbursts

Responding to outbursts: "So what am I going to get paid for babysitting tonight?" OR "Did this stuff work on your daddy? Why didn't he spank you more?" OR "Does acting like this ALWAYS let you get your way? Or only with the spineless guys?"

Or make fun of her silly behavior: "Awww isn't that cute, you getting all upset like that." OR "Wow you've really got this upset thing down to an art form. Does it work well with other people?" OR "Ya know, you're kinda cute when you're mad." OR "If you keep acting like a brat I'm gonna SPANK you like one."

Flaking out

"Flaking out" is when a girl doesn't show up for a date, or gives you a bogus number. Basically it means letting you down and wasting your time.

So if hopes were high (you hit it off well, she gave you her number etc, any signals of possible interest you might have received from her will do) but now she seems to have disappeared, show that you're not cool with that behavior, and only because you saw some potential for the two of you are you willing to give her one last chance. But if she dares to do it again, its bye-bye and blam!! Door-slam time. Guys with a lot of options, or with few options who put a high value on their own time, will probably not even give a woman who pulled such crap a second chance.

The only voicemail/answering machine message you should ever leave: "Hi [girls name]. This is [my name]. I wanted to let you know how disappointed I was that you didn't call me back. But, since I saw so much potential for us I thought I would give you one last chance. So why don't you give me a call."

Some "flake prevention" ideas

1) Don't make plans too far in advance. Try not to make plans more than 24 hours in advance. Why? Because YOU'RE BUSY. If she wants your attention, she'd better be ready to accept any time you find that you can free up. And she'd better be there. Shorter time frames also make for fewer opportunities for other things to "come up". If you make plans 5 days in advance, ALL KINDS of things can come up. If you make plans 5 HOURS in advance, you have a much better chance of things happening.

2) Always talk about when you're busy before you talk about when you're available. Two to one is a good rule of thumb. "I'm busy tonight, and I can't do it Thursday. Let's get together tomorrow afternoon around 4... but I only have a couple hours, so don't be late."

3) Don't say things like "I can do it anytime" or "I'll make time for you whenever you want". This kind of thing just TELEGRAPHS the message that you're chasing her, you want her approval, etc. and that you're too AVAILABLE.

4) Give her the gift of missing you. Don't call her all the time. Don't always bug her to get together. Don't always call her back when she calls you. In other words, have your own life.

Finally, make sure she knows that it's NOT OK to be flaky with you. This takes some guts when you're dealing with an attractive woman that you like. It's not always the easiest thing to say "Wasting my time and changing plans at the last minute isn't OK with me...even if your best friend is upset tonight because her cat is having a mental breakdown." But it must be done.

If she flakes out, remember these magic words: "HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE IT UP TO ME?". And as a last resort... if the problem keeps coming up with a woman, you might have to use the secret weapon:

--PROBATION-Just say "OK, well you're now on probation. No more making plans in advance with you. If you want to see me, you can call me and ask what I'm doing right then. If I'm free, I'll see you, but you've wasted too much of my time, and I'm not going to make plans with someone who can't keep them." Then, when she asks to make plans, say on Friday, just say to her "Well, maybe. You can call me then and see if I'm free. But you're on probation now for being flaky, so no advance plans with you." Harsh? Maybe. But if YOU don't respect your own time and put value on it, then how do you expect anyone else to?

Ironically, even though these ideas might sound a little bit too extreme... and like they might scare a woman away, exactly the opposite is true. If you do these things, women will typically be MORE attracted to you, because you're acting like a MAN WHO RESPECTS HIMSELF.

If you DON'T do this stuff, she'll probably drift away from you, and you won't even realize why it's happening.

Another way to prevent flaky behavior is this: At the appropriate place and time, SHOW YOUR ANGER...In a mature way. Guys who never get mad, who never show that they will stand up for themselves and make a woman feel a bit of unpleasantness are, in effect, giving themselves away for free!! Let the females in your life know that if they break your rules, cross you, or show any lack of respect that THEY ARE GOING TO PAY A PRICE! Always look for "respect opportunities" and call women on their bullshit. Be firm and sincere. If you sense that a woman is "testing" you by being difficult, trying to change plans with you on short notice all the time, etc. then RELAX. Lean back. Never let her "get away" with anything just because she's beautiful, or let her have any "special privileges" because you like her. NEVER. When she does something you disapprove of, call her on it. Tell her that you won't put up with that shit and not to do it again. NEVER forget you were born without her. And that there are a hundreds more like her and thousands more that are even better than her.

One Tactic

YOU: Don't ever (bad behavior) again, ok? I'll always treat you respectfully, but I expect the same from you.

And at this point grab her and kiss her passionately. If you can, try to turn this into a sex close right then and there. Why give her an evening on the town and reward her rotten behavior? You have nothing to lose at this point.

Disrespecting you can also be an extreme and immature form of testing you, if the woman likes you at first but wants to determine your worthiness or lack of worthiness. She'll be testing you in order to find out whether you are a supplicating taking-all-her-shit pussyboy or a man with self-control and the ability to take charge.

In order to pass such an extreme test (an example of which is canceling a date), you must:

1. Show that you don't lose your temper over it.

2. Show that you don't whine like a baby over it.

3. Show that it doesn't really phase you.

4. Show that you DO find it disrespectful and that you don't tolerate that.

(4) is the most important point, but you MUST do it in such a way that (1,2,3) are true!

Of course, if a woman does test you in this disrespectful way, you should seriously re-evaluate your interest in her.


What happens when YOU are the one who showed shitty behavior? First off, NEVER say you're sorry unless you very obviously fucked up. Move through life without apology.

If you MUST apologize to disarm a woman's negative state, make humor out of it by taking a step back, IF it's appropriate. An example of a one step forward, one step back apology: "You women are nuts!" (She gets pissed) "I'm sorry I'm sorry that women are nuts!!"

19. Disarming obstacles

"Obstacles" are other people who get in the way of your opening or attraction of your target. There are generally three types of possible obstacles: Your own entourage, the target's friends, and other alpha males. You must learn to deal with these obstacles skilfully while remaining cool. Doing this properly will increase attraction in your target's eyes, since she'll see that you're cool in social situations. Doing it wrong will definitely kill the attraction. If you're mean to her friends for example, they'll dissuade her from hooking up with you. And if you get blown out of the set by another guy showing you up, you'll look like a dork. Remember, in Tyler's words "the only rule of pickup is to be visibly cooler than the chick". If you don't come across properly when dealing with obstacles and don't maintain your "cool status", you'll demonstrate low social value. Obstacles are sometimes known by their slang term, "cockblocks"

Your own entourage

Unless you surround yourself with a skilled wingman or wingmen, the company you keep is a potential obstacle to your pickup and attraction efforts. Here are some situations where your pick-up can be spoiled by your own entourage:

THE GRASS CUTTER: Cutting your grass is when a member of your entourage moves in on a woman you've opened. Once you've done the hard work of opening the target and getting her into a good state, the grasscutter will move into the set, introduce himself as your friend for social proof, and then start gaming your target. Part of his game may involve comments to cut you down, in an effort to make himself seem superior (to "out-alpha" you). ANTIDOTE: The wrong way to do it is to get in an argument with him right there. Instead, cut him out of the set using anti-AMOG tactics (described below), and don't invite him out with you again. If you have no choice (he invites himself along or is a Siamese twin of a good friend of yours in the group), then try to ditch him and go to another part of the venue, where he won't see you opening targets.

THE THIRD WHEEL: When you move into set, a good wingman will move in and use his own material to occupy the rest of the group while you game your target. But sometimes you may be hanging out with a great, fun friend (who just happens to be lousy with women) at the time you spot your target, and he just tags along while you open them. What ends up happening is that since your buddy has no game, he just sort of hangs there boring everybody, or makes stupid comments, both of which make you look bad ("the company you keep"). ANTIDOTE: The wrong way to deal with this problem is to just let your friend sit there, making things worse. There are several ways to deal with this. You can tell your buddy "Wait here one second", go in solo, do a quick number-close, and get out saying "I need to get back to my buddy" (In fact, having a friend waiting is sometimes a great time constraint that works in your favour). Another way to prevent the Third Wheel Effect (if your friend comes into set with you) is to constantly talk up your buddy, saying what a great guy he is, how he's crazy sometimes, etc. You're basically substituting for your friend's lack of game. Also, by inflating his sense of value, you'll put him at ease and he may start to relax and open up. This is extra work of course, seeing as how you have to entertain the group, demonstrate value to the target, AND talk up your friend, but it beats getting blown out of the set.

THE DRUNK: Sometimes a friend who's normally cool can become a total chauvinistic ass with a few drinks in him, and threaten your game. This happened to me in Cuba several years ago. I'd been hanging out with a group of Italian guys who were cool for most of the week, but on this last night there they'd had way too much to drink. I was gaming on the cutest Cuban girl I'd seen all week outside the resort's nightclub, using teasing and flirting, and her buying temperature was high. Just when things were getting good, one of the gang starts yelling out "GO FOR IT! POUND FUCKING POUND!! NAIL HER MIKE! NAIL HER!" over and over. I tried to ignore him and keep the game on, but it was obvious that it was making her uncomfortable and she excused herself. Not knowing how to handle it at the time, I lost out. Now, The Drunk intrusion isn't necessarily only limited to cat-calls; it can also involve a drunken member of your entourage pushing his way into your set and cavemanning your target, or feeling her up inappropriately—both of which will ruin her state and kill your game. ANTIDOTE: If The Drunk intrudes, isolate your target from the group with "Let's go talk over there, there's too many drunken jerks in this spot". Physically lead her to another area, then say "There! Much quieter" and continue your conversation. OR, if she'd been grabbed, say "Ok, no one's gonna grab you over here. But I might just SPANK you if you don't behave!" (smile). Another idea, simple enough: DON'T HANG OUT WITH DRUNKS! And if you do happen to be out with some friends who eventually become drunk and rowdy, simply detach yourself from them and game targets outside of cat-call range, or preferably out of sight.

The target's friends

When gaming a set, it's important to befriend the target's friend(s). Her peers have a huge say in swaying her opinion of you, so you MUST make them like you. ENGAGE the group. Get everyone involved to avoid one or more becoming a cockblock. This means including the ugly girls of the group in the interaction too. If they feel ignored they'll be bitter and try to sabotage your efforts, either in front of you or after you've left the set. One thing you have to be careful about is giving a non-target TOO much attention. If you talk up the ugly girl to befriend her, the actual target may leave you two alone since she sees you hitting it off so well. Try to balance your attention so as to keep your target involved in the interaction.

Despite your best efforts to make everybody feel a whole lotta love, one thing a target's friends WILL do is test you. When they see their friend getting all doe-eyed over you and getting carried away, they may test you in her place. Some may have malicious intent in doing this, as explained above, but usually they're just looking out for their friend. You can deal with this as you do with regular tests one-on

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