Open door to constructive communication ideas --

emotion ' decisions close the door to destructive communication boundary

• COMMUNICATION is the combination of our resources of Intellect (data), with Emotional Energy.

• Think about cell phones. They transmit data, right? Sure. But do they work without the batteries? NO! So NO communication can occur on a cell phone that has no energy.

If I say, "We need to talk" in a happy emotional tone, you get a certain meaning from that, right? A friendly thing.

But if I say, "We need to talk" in a harsh emotional tone like some peoples' bosses, you get an entirely different meaning, don't you? A different communication? YES.

Well, the "data" is the same, isn't it? "We need to talk". So what is DIFFERENT about the two messages? The EMOTIONAL ENERGY CONTENT!


The Energy Of Communication

• Use good energy in your communications, regardless of the data content.

• Ever hear that 93% of communication is in the face and body posture? Only 7% in words and data? Well, now you know why—because COMMUNICATION is part Intellect (data) and part Emotional Energy.

• We can send CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS at others, but if they are coupled with DESTRUCTIVE energy, they will still come across as DESTRUCTIVE COMMUNICATION.

• And even DESTRUCTIVE IDEAS can sometimes be accepted and palatable to people if we send them with CONSTRUCTIVE ENERGY—a cardinal rule of both politics and advertising.

• NOW, we'd best begin to learn about our THIRD INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL RESOURCE, called EMOTIONAL ENERGY.

Now You Have Learned To Master Your SECOND Inner Resource: Intellect, Which Leads To Success emotional energy ritejTect (<

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personal boundary

Mastery of these leads possession of these /




DURABLE FULFILLMENT, the reward of high character

In mastering INTELLECT, you also become a master of the use of TIME, since time is the "currency of the intellect".

Efficient use of time leads to success since it costs time to get there.

Time to learn now about your THIRD and last Inner Resource.

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Emotional Energy: The THIRD INNER RESOURCE

This is the good stuff. The THIRD and LAST INNER RESOURCE needed in order to get DURABLE FULFILLMENT. This is what everybody wants to talk about. The problem is that without all the other great things we learned, how could we possibly use our energy wisely? We'd have a leaky boundary to hold it, and we'd SUFFER it away. We'd not use it wisely to get to our goals and fritter it away. Without mastery of our Personal Boundary, Decisions and Intellect, all the great energy in the world is all for naught.

Emotional Energy in us can take a Positive or Negative form. The positive form is called Self-Esteem (HAPPINESS), and the negative form is called Displeasure, which is a combination of either Anger, Anxiety or BOTH.

We've already learned that Emotional Energy + our Intellect (data) = COMMUNICATION.

Well, Emotional Energy + Decision-making power = ACTION.

And Emotional Energy + Personal Boundary function = POWER or charisma of personality.


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