Denial Caused By The Boundary

Denial- not seeing the limits of our control

"I see lite limit of lvhat I own, control and ____-— ^^ am responsible for"

Holes In

"This belongs to me, too. It 'should' be this way or that, I 'should' get what I want"

"Why is this not going the way I want? The way it SHOULD go?"(we suffer)

When we look at the edge of our boundary, we see the limits of what we own and control about our psychological territory.

But when we look out the "hole" in our boundary, we don't see a wall or limit, only territory that we IMAGINE we own, control and feel responsible for.

Often when we do this, there are other people or goals out there, beyond our control, and we get frustrated when we find that we don't really own or control them.

This is called DENIAL. (We deny the limits of what we own and control about life and our psychological surrounds)

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