Gaining Leverage On Your

• Most men (myself included) do not like to fail, do not like to admit we are wrong and absolutely never, under any circumstances, want to look "dumb".

• When you go through any of these things, the ego feels assaulted and it takes steps to protect itself. The problem with this is that most of the useful learning and wisdom is lost because of the ego "protecting itself" by making excuses and putting the responsibility outside of itself.

• When I realized that, it occurred to me that because my ego is always there and it is going to get involved, I need to tell it how to process the information.

• What I tell myself is "I am on a journey that most will never undertake. I am going to learn things that most will never know and that will require me to fail a lot and look dumb at times. But who I am is bigger than my need to protect my ego, and at the end of the day, I get stronger and farther down the path for doing the things that most won't do".

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