Impulsiveness And Avoidance The Passive Options For Anxiety


the "fight or flight reflex"

the "fight or flight reflex"

overeating overspending addictions drug abuse


being "busy just to be busy"

passive (no decision)


" or avoidance

Stop doing these! And LET yourself get ANXIOUS!

When we are PASSIVE with our anxiety and don't like to make decisions, it likes to "go on autopilot" and is run by the "fight-or-flight" reflex.

This reflex makes us either IMPULSIVE or AVOIDANT of things we need to face.

We NEED this reflex though for one situation, and one only: SURVIVAL!

Yet most of the time, we are NOT under a real threat to our lives. So what happens when we are PASSIVE with anxiety? The reflex drives us to overeat, overspend, get addicted and a host of other behaviors that ironically, ARE a threat on our life if we do them enough!

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