Impulsivity Avoidance


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being "busy just to be busy"

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Stop doing these? And LET yourself get ANXIOUS!

The first step to getting out of these states that feel like "being less alive" due to passiveness, is to stop "acting without thinking", which is the definition of IMPULSIVENESS.

Allow ourselves to feel the ANXIETY and then THINK about it. Feelings CAN'T hurt us or cause us more LOSS, only real things can. What if I was afraid of public speaking, lacked confidence in it and feared a LOSS of respect from my audience because I am not so good at it?

I might be tempted to run away from speaking engagements, avoiding them or impulsively yelling at those who suggest I do them (this is where ANGER and impulsiveness connect).

If I STOP to THINK BEFORE ACTING, I can get in touch with this valuable signal called ANXIETY-turn the arrow UP.

"Victim-thinking": The Second Option For Anxiety




(victim-thinking) including helplessness, hopelessness, worry, complaint, regret, and a "poor me" attitude

When we DECIDE to stop and "think before we act" with Anxiety, we can once again choose to be destructive or constructive.

When we think DESTRUCTIVELY with anxiety, Mind OS calls that "Victim-thinking", where you take on a "poor me" attitude, erroneously believing that you are truly hopeless, helpless, you worry, complain without offering solutions, regret and essentially are WISHING you controlled the uncontrollable,

"dumping" your anxiety into someone else's boundary.

Doing this may seem harmless, but it is NOT. You are dumping your anxiety into someone else for them to worry about FOR you when you do this. It is childish, WIN/LOSE behavior where you WIN and someone else LOSES by absorbing your negative energy.

Is an adult person who walks and talks and can do adult things EVER TRULY hopeless or helpless? NO! Never. To think otherwise is an ILLUSION and it forces others to work the mechanics of your ILLUSION. This is where ANXIETY connects to depression.

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