Intention The Opposite of Suffering

• For example, what if you had a GOAL of becoming a great actor/actress?

• Now then, what if you live in Iowa and have never taken a course, not signed up for one, never tried out for a play and haven't planned to, never bothered to talk to working actors to "borrow" some of their "street smart" experience and had not thought of moving to NYC or LA? Do you have INTENTION to be a great actor? NO!

• But if you lived in Iowa, made a security deposit on an LA apartment, planned on attending acting classes in LA and had already talked to some actor friends there and even scheduled some auditions for movie try-outs, do you have INTENTION to be a great actor? You certainly DO! You have made ready for it to be POSSIBLE.

• Is it guaranteed that you will become one? NO. That is out of your control until you actually reach that goal. But you sure have a best shot at it, all because of your INTENTION. Once all these things are ready and LOCKED-ON like a "heat-seeking missile", THEN you are ready to commit energy to it too, without suffering much.

Intention As A "Target Sight"

On Your Goals • You need to cor


Goal X may not be that difficult a goal to hit, however, you may be lacking in enough education and conscience to reach it, and must fill up on these

Notice how when you are "off your mark" toward a GOAL, it always, always means that you are lacking in one or more of the four parts of INTENTION:

- Education

- Experience

- Conscience

- Intuition

You need to correct this by practicing one or more of those skills.

Remember, that Education, plus Experience, make up the GENIUS in your Intellect.

Remember, that Conscience, plus Intuition, make up the WISDOM in your decisionmaking.

Many religions have the notion of "sin". There is an interesting definition in the particular one, Judaism, which defines sin in the ancient Hebrew as meaning simply "to miss the mark". This implies that all people sin and none are bad to the core, doomed to be judged. One is advised to change approach, to change one's ways and thereby not to sin anymore. Take a new "aim".

Intention As A "Compass" Guide To Reaching Your Goals


intuition goal X

intuition goal X


* »oal X requires much intuition and experience to ohtain it, therefore, you will need, to fill yourself up with more of these two

And what if we saw INTENTION as also a "Compass" or guide for flying our "airplane" toward a goal? Not only would we find that there are certain things we do "wrong" in our Intention, but may also find that by the very act of fine-tuning that Intention, we actually effortlessly propel ourselves toward that GOAL!

In this example, we need to practice more EDUCATION and learn more CONSCIENCE in order to get to a GOAL. Doing so may miraculously propel us toward it, without struggling or SUFFERING, wishing we could make it so without any directed work.

In the "airplane" analogy, this "Compass of Intention" works by:

- Education keeping our sights on the goal through organization

- Experience giving us the flexibility to keep us flying around OBSTACLES

- Conscience "raising us up" to an ethical standard that is necessary to get there without going down crashing, and

- Intuition "keeping us grounded" enough to recognize the right environments to choose for reaching that goal within in the first place. M


Fine-tuning Your "Intention Compass"

What if you need work in one or more of the four parts of INTENTION?

Remember, Intention is the combination of your Intellect resource and your Decision-making resource.

Your Intellect is composed of a certain portion that is EDUCATION and another that is EXPERIENCE.

Your Decision-making is composed of a certain portion that is CONSCIENCE and another that is INTUITION.

Therefore, INTENTION is made of Education, Experience, Conscience and Intuition.

To fine-tune your EDUCATION, learn how to organize— get a day-minder, take formal classes, how-to classes, practice being on time and using logic, pay attention to HISTORY and learn from it.

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Fine-tuning Your "Intention Compass"

• To fine-tune your EXPERIENCE, learn how to be FLEXIBLE and TOLERATE disorganization, LIVE—go traveling, to parties or artistic events, take up a creative hobby or art, put your whole body and spirit into something that uses your five senses, socialize and get a mentor to borrow from their EXPERIENCE.

• To fine-tune your CONSCIENCE, learn face-to-face about the impact that your behavior, or DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR in general, has on others. Be open to their opinion and experiences about wrongful behavior. Pay attention to the general feedback that society gives YOU. You might assume that the behavior you were doing was wrong or destructive.

• To fine-tune your INTUITION, go into VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS and LIVE—try many different things out and catalog what ends up being DESTRUCTIVE environments for YOU (based on your identity) and what seems to be CONSTRUCTIVE environments for you. Be a dabbler, a sampler of Environments.

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