Intention The Opposite of Suffering

• I want you to think about a grade school saying that some people know well: "It is better to shoot for the stars and land in the mud, than to shoot for the mud and make it."

• This is similar to the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

• INTENTION is a way of combining BOTH your Decision-making and your Intellect together, to get a powerful "heat-seeking missile" for reaching your GOALS. INTENTION does not add energy until the last possible moment, when you are SURE to reach a GOAL. As such, it is the OPPOSITE of SUFFERING, which is "spending energy wishing or trying to CONTROL THE UNCONTROLLABLE".

• In the rhyme above, "shooting for the mud and making it" is SUFFERING. But "shooting for the stars" is INTENTION.

• With INTENTION, you might "land in the mud", but the idea is to pick yourself up, learn from it and redirect your AIM. So INTENTION is also like your AIM, or like a "target-sight" to a goal; a kind of "compass" for directing yourself toward a goal.

Intention: The Opposite of Suffering



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Note how SUFFERING takes the positive Emotional Energy called Self-Esteem in your BOUNDARY, and WASTES it on the uncontrollable, without the planning of Education, the imagination of Experience, Conscience (ethics) or Intuition (the four parts that make up Intellect and Decision-making).

But when we use those four things: Left-brain function (EDUCATION), Right-brain function (EXPERIENCE), Conscience (Ethics) and Intuition, we are using INTENTION to AIM at a goal without WASTING OUR VALUABLE ENERGY first.

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