Other Uses of Your Intellect

• We just learned how Intellect combined with our Decision-making power composes INTENTION.

• BELIEFS—the "building blocks" of your "reality" which feed information to your Intention.

• When Intellect is combined with Boundary Function it is called TIME MANAGEMENT.

• When Intellect is combined with Emotional Energy, it is called COMMUNICATION.

The Inner Data Of Your Intellect Which Also Guides You: BELIEFS



w[ Makes own beliefs and uses] t\ them /


Inte lie c Hide as)

Takes on others* beliefs

Along your way to goals as you use your intention, you will hear feedback from others, intellectually.

Inside you there are also highly important bits of data that often carry with them a CHARGE of emotional energy. These are your BELIEFS.

As we've learned, we don't control or have the right of access to the insides of anyone else's Personal Boundary, so everyone's beliefs are essentially "right" and "inalienable".

The most we can do in relating to others is to "ADVERTISE" our ideas, not FORCE them on others, which would be a childish, immature "boundary violation".

Those of us with "thin skin" or weak boundaries are easily manipulated by the ideas of others, because they pass right through our boundary and take up residence as BELIEFS.

Those of us with mature, strong boundaries with DOORS can DECIDE what we want to let in or keep out as far as the ideas of others. They are not as easily manipulated or susceptible to advertising. M D

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