Psychological Integration

The Cognitive-emotional Spectrums defining all _Human Behavior_

f motherly (nurturing, ]

current coordinate of psychological state of personal growth

' left-brained)

cognitive spectrum fight-brained)



emotional spectrum fatherly (assertive ßction-prone)

If we take the "cognitive spectrum" for Intellect, with Right-brain, Left-brain and "Genius" in the middle, and the "emotional spectrum" with Well-being/Anger, Confidence/Anxiety and "Happiness" in the middle, then we have a perfect model for an energy/information system that shows ALL POSSIBLE human function, phenomenologically.

Phenomenology means: "events and behaviors we see on the surface". As a result of seeing all possible human phenomenology of "heart and mind", we can mark the current state and tendencies to operate in certain territory of all possible human behavior using simply a "spot" or coordinate. „

As a result, we can actually mark a PATH FOR PERSONAL GROWTH, beginning in IMMATURITY on the outer edge of the circle, in a "psychological territory" called our TEMPERAMENT (in this case, the King Temperament), onward to maturity, personal growth and psychological integration, closer to a balanced center in the "center of the circle".

TEMPERAMENT is an immature core "style" of intellect, decisions and emotional energy that we are all born with. Just like some babies are happy babies, some "colicky", and some curious, shy or rambunctious, we all have TEMPERAMENT at our CORE.

But, we are challenged in life with growing a Mature PERSONALITY around that TEMPERAMENT, by working on all the parts of CHARACTER that we have covered in this seminar. Work on your use of Anger, Anxiety, Education or in this case, Experience, and you GROW Integrated. „

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