• Mastering EVERYTHING happens by MASTERING THE TWO ENDS of its spectrum.

• Time to master ANGER and ANXIETY, and therefore, all emotions through...

• Mind OS™'s Anger Map and Anxiety Map pwu

Let's Build A "MAP" For ANGER

• If we master these two ends of the emotional spectrum, using an ANGER MAP and an ANXIETY MAP, then we learn to master EVERY uncomfortable emotion in between.

• To build a MAP we will need to "know the territory.

• That means learning every speck of the possibilities that surround "angry situations".








There are only TWO CAUSES of Anger in the world; everything that has ever contributed to Anger has been one of these two:

HURT, that type of Stress attacking your boundary from the OUTSIDE

Your NEEDS NOT being MET on the inside, which is the same as being LOW on Well-being.

ANGER: Caused By HURT Or By Your NEEDS Not Being MET

• Say that you went into a store and NONE of your needs in life are met—and I mean the things that would make your life IDEAL for you. You don't have much money, no friends, no love, no spouse or partner, no free time, poor health. You are LOW on Well-being, that Self-esteem energy that feels like being "mothered".

• Now say on top of this, the clerk in the store is RUDE to you, making you go to the end of the line, which is long. That's a Stress called HURT.

• What are you likely to feel or do? GET ANGRY!

• Well, what if on the flipside you went into that store and you were FULL of Well-being. ALL YOUR NEEDS ARE ALREADY MET. You have as much money as Bill Gates, you have a thousand friends, the perfect marriage, no need to work so you can spend your time on fun things and leisure, you have great health.

ANGER: Caused By HURT Or By Your NEEDS Not Being MET

• NOW, say the store clerk is RUDE to you and makes you go to the end of line as a laughing stock (a HURT). What are you likely to do? SHRUG IT OFF! You don't care. I mean, you have more money than Bill Gates and lots of love—what do you care? You might even feel bad for the clerk, CHARITABLE, and offer him a job with your company since he doesn't seem to like his current job!

• What is the difference between the two situations? YOU!!! The clerk did the same thing each time, but YOU and YOUR LEVEL of WELL-BEING was the difference. And guess what? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LEVEL OF WELL-BEING once you are an adult.


Hurt & Well-Being Are Opposites That Can Cancel Each Other Out



/ (low




In fact, your third inner resource that, in this case, is in the form of Well-being, STRENGTHENS your • Personal Boundary against the Stress called HURT.

If HURT gets in, then it cancels out an exactly equal portion of your Well-being in a puff of smoke, like anti-matter colliding with matter and leaving an explosion of Anger.

If your Well-being is much greater than the Hurt coming at you, then even if Hurt gets in, it is inconsequential.

But say you get angry. What you DO with the Anger next REALLY matters.

The Only THREE Possibilities For Anger



Once Angry, there are only three things you have EVER done with it, only three options for anger in the world:

Get Depressed with it by being passive, making NO DECISION, which as we know, is like being a little "less alive" by definition.

Do AGGRESSION, which is a destructive DECISION to use anger in a WIN/LOSE way, hurting others in order to "dump" our anger into their boundary.

Do ASSERTIVENESS, which is a constructive DECISION to use anger in a WIN/WIN way, going out and taking care of our needs for ourselves.

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