Rightbrain As Copilot

The Airplane op Intention

Lqs Angeles, California INTENDED GQ4L

Lqs Angeles, California INTENDED GQ4L

(Ho TeamWbrV)

Lacking eilhsr L-Brain Competence or R'Brain Competence

Will fail in inanition Maid Bit goal


SlAKffl J

liduitrigm Flilur*

(wiowy inflexible)


RIGHT BRAIN a PILOT ■>'■ ;-:crJust-di' j j staUered} £ n


Denver» Colorado

Notice, only on the Right, where if I left my friend to fly the plane, how he would tend to get us LOST with TOO MUCH flexibility in getting to a goal, and not enough logical, orderly WORK of EDUCATION.

We would have "fun" and end up in China, completely forgetting the original GOAL of L.A. that we targeted.

This would be an "EDUCATIONAL FAILURE".

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