Right Brained Intellectual Narcissism

Destructive and Constructive Uses of the Right Brain

Destructive and Constructive Uses of the Right Brain

• This is low in character and childish, destructive and a WIN/LOSE way to use your Intellect. But if you are human, you have had some of these thoughts or communications that others see as IGNORANT as well.

• To fix this problem of character takes doing the CONSTRUCTIVE instead of the DESTRUCTIVE use of your Right-Brain. The answer is COLLABORATIVE IMAGINATION.

• With IMAGINATION, you can be as

• I m a so sure you know some creative and VISIONARY as you pœple who are IGNORANT, like, but need to remember to be

oblivious to the well-earned open to new OPINIONS or

EXpERIENCE of OTHE^ who also information that come from the

have a Right-brain. They aren t EXPERIENCE of OTHERS.


creativity of OTHERS, and force a more WIN/WIN way to use your their VISION of reâlity on others. Right-bran's Intellect.

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