Use Your Whole Brain

The Airplane of intention

Lob Angeles, Cal lie ml a INTENDED GOAL

Lob Angeles, Cal lie ml a INTENDED GOAL

Left Brain (education) keeps sights on goal

Lightning Storm j

Righl Brain (experience) adapls to change


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Luckily, we all have BOTH, a Left-brain "tank" to store EDUCATION AND a Right-brain "tank" to store EXPERIENCE in.

Using both, we can BOTH "keep our eyes on the prize" using EDUCATION AND flex around problems using our EXPERIENCE.

However, to do so may require personal growth and WORK on our INTELLECT.

I needed to practice getting more EXPERIENCES that are creative, disorganized and relaxed to "see the forest for the trees", and my friend had to learn to do real WORK or organizing, using time wisely and getting more "book smarts" or EDUCATION.

Growing EDUCATION or EXPERIENCE costs you TIME and effort to do.

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