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Say what? My blood?... are we hoping to score with Elvira Mistress of the Dark now or what? No, but get this: there's a curious aspect to the man-woman seduction and mating dance that plays itself out on a strictly biochemical level. This is going to sound wacky but I wanted to make you aware of it before we move on to the meat and potatoes of my system just to show you that not every factor in seduction is controllable no matter how good you get with women.

It's been documented with hard medical evidence that a woman responds to the body odor of a man in such a way that it effects her decision about whether or not a particular man holds any mating potential for her! It turns out there are olfactory clues present in your sweat -- (sweat is derived from your blood) -- that acts as a very crude but effective marker of your genetic make up. Specifically, women have an ability to detect the character of a man's MHC genes, which have something to do with the expression of certain properties in your immune system. This talent is not limited to human females, many other animals display a similar ability (you know how dogs like to stick their noses up each other's asses to say hello), but it's somewhat surprising because people don't typically rely on their sense of smell to make choices about things.

What's the significance of a woman being sensitive to a man's smell? Well, it actually seems to give them a better chance of locating a mating partner who has a high probability of fathering a healthy baby for them. The research on all this is quite fascinating. It turns out that women are drawn to the natural (unperfumed) scent of any man whose MHC genes turn out to be completely dissimilar to her own. We're talking actual BO here -- this has nothing to do with any type of cologne or that funky 'phenome spray' that you bought from the back of last month's Black Tail magazine. The women in the study were all genetically typed from blood samples before the experiment was conducted to determine what their DNA classification was so as to contrast them with the men.

It seems that men with mismatched MHC genes were reported to exhibit a pleasant, sexy, almost intoxicating smell to the women who participated in the research study (performed by sniffing the soiled t-shirts of men they'd never met before, I kid you not!). On the other hand, men whose MHC genes were a match produced a body odor the women reported as being foul, repulsive and sometimes even nauseating. Different women had strikingly different opinions of the 'scent of a man', but the patterns always showed that mismatched DNA was pleasant while matched DNA smelled disgusting. What's amazing about all of this is that the women's reaction was visceral and occurred on a profoundly unconscious level.

It appears that the female brain has built into it a primitive, deep-seated means of finding a mate who has a high chance of giving her strong, healthy babies... while rejecting those males whose DNA might actually be dangerous to the health and viability of her future offspring. How's that for complicating matters of seduction?

The curious thing is that there's doesn't seem to be any similar capability among males. We're programmed primarily to look for the visual signs of healthy child-bearing capability in the women we find attractive... i.e., youthfulness, 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio, large breasts, etc. However, it's interesting to note that women, too, are programmed just like men to seek out the perfect partner for procreation, it's just that their sensory apparatus makes their detection methodology different. Since men use vision we can stand back and make all the assessments we need to make remotely from a distance. Women, though, need to get in close and actually get a whiff of a man. Imagine that! This whole thing becomes especially complicated in modern life because clothing and deodorant soaps and colognes can interfere with her olfactory assessment, in effect masking our true genetic nature from her. This is why it might take several dates, and probably a casual encounter where she can get a sniff of your BO somehow (like right after a workout), before a woman knows for sure if a man has any real hope of becoming her sexual partner.

This creates the possibility that an otherwise friendly girl might go very suddenly cold on you if she gets a sniff of the "real" you on a third date! This whole situation is further confused by the fact that most women probably don't understand what's happening to them when it comes to male scenting. At least not on a direct scientific level the way that you now do. They're just reacting to instinctual urges and puzzling "feelings" about a guy. "I don't know why I didn't like him, he was real nice and we were having fun together... there was just something about him I didn't like after a while. I can't explain it!" she might lament to her girlfriends later on. And she will be tormented by her crazy feminine frivolity for weeks to come. Too bad.

So what's the point of telling you all this? Only to make you aware that there are aspects to the game of mate selection that lie completely beyond your control because they are most likely genetically hardwired into us. Especially so with women, who have a much greater biological and sociological stake in the act of reproduction than do men (who only provide the starting fluid, after all...).

What this means is that there is no way to guarantee absolute 100% success with every woman out there, no matter what amazing system for meeting women that you are trying to take advantage of... mine or anyone else's. The dance of seduction invokes such deeply primordial sensations that it can't be completely manipulated with clever words and perfect attitudes alone. In other words, you could do everything I show you in this book absolutely perfectly to the letter and you could still get rejected once she catches a good sniff of your DNA and it turns out to be a mismatch!

Bottom line: There's just no way to drain all the risk out of meeting women, no matter how good you ever become at it. There exist aspects of biology that are simply out of your control. Perhaps this is why women value the demonstration of the characteristic of risk taking in men so much. The more a man seems willing to risk harm to his ego (since he can never be sure how a woman will respond to his advances), the more flat-out impressive he appears to her.

I just wanted you to appreciate this plain and simple fact of life as a kind of final punctuation mark to the discussion we've been having in this chapter about the nature of seduction. I don't suspect this'll pose too much of a problem with many of you guys, because I feel your problem is more about fearing being rejected immediately when you try to approach a woman rather than later on after you've dated for awhile. For some reason, that doesn't seem to be such a devastating event as does the snap negative judgement of a perfect stranger (especially a really cute one!). Instant rejection creates a cascade of negative self-defeatist thought patterns that can corrode away your confidence real fast. Well the knowledge and techniques in this book will get you past that very frightening initial meeting phase... the part of being with women that's been giving you nothing but grief all your life.

Just be sure to wear a touch of good cologne so that, when you're on the hunt, you can confuse her sensitive sniffer long enough to at least buy yourself some time to bag her!

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