Nice Guys on Parade

Here's 4 examples of what I mean by the type of nice guys that women will keep as a friend, but show absolutely no sexual interest in:

• The Easy-going Pleaser. He tries too hard to be pleasant and thoughtful at every turn, but there's something about him that suggests he's really very self-centered. There's the sense that all his attempts to "act nice" are really based in insincerity and are manipulative in a very sly sort of way...

• The Geisha Boy. Acts servile or submissive by always apologizing for his actions, especially those that might suggest he harbors any sexual desires or motives. One of the worst things that you can do around women is to act apologetic for your desires as a man. This completely emasculates you in the eyes of any woman. Women expect men who are interested in them (sexually) to show it in some way. Geisha Boy may as well be wearing a sign on his ass that says "Kick Me".

• The Turning Worm. After doing so much terrific stuff for a woman while absolutely insisting that he wants nothing in return for his all his wonderful generosity, he suddenly gets all pissed off (usually by becoming pouty) when she finally gives him what he claims he wants and comes to take all his good deeds for granted and shows him no appreciation whatsoever. That's because Mr. Nice Guy is really very selfish at heart and not very nice at all. Remember, he's trying to use his niceness in the same way that a bully uses physical intimidation to get his way. Down deep, he expects a result that's more in line with his true desires (i.e., getting the woman to "love' him, or at the very least have sex with him). When he doesn't get what he wants, he sinks into anger and standoffishness. But, since he's careful to keep his true motives hidden and unspoken, others don't understand why he's always being so "moody". This frustrates him even further, and a descending spiral of nastiness ensues.

• The Know-it-All. The more aggressive breed of nice guy is also something of a meddler, constantly making "suggestions" or telling you how you "should" be doing everything. This one doesn't have the patience for a completely passive approach, and instead seeks to control by constantly pushing people to do things the way he wants them done (by "suggesting"). This kind of subtle attempt to manipulate is very annoying once a person catches on to what's really happening.

If you saw yourself in there somewhere, then I hope you'll take all this in the spirit of how it's presented... as an attempt to help you. Someone has to tell you how screwed up you are, so it may as well be me... a guy you'll probably never meet and get a chance to scream at in person. Your buddies are probably too uncomfortable to broach the subject or are simply embarrassed by your self-defeating behavior.

The last word on the nice guy friend is this: friends don't get laid. You must strive to establish and maintain a man-woman tension in your relationships at all times. Remember it's the intense emotional states that women crave from their relationships with men, not just sex. They are consummate romantics -- and for them romance is not just some ideal that would be nice to have if they can manage it... THEY WANT TO FEEL ROMANTIC WITH A SPECIAL MAN ALWAYS AND FOR LIFE!

You must understand that a woman's lover cannot be a converted "buddy" - it has to be someone who stirred up her deepest instincts to mate and copulate with actions that spoke to her identity as a woman right from the very start. Only a few people in her life will ever be considered in this special way by her. You don't earn that special place in a woman's heart by going through the usual channels of friendship and common experience, you have to slip in through the back door of her subconscious mind by immediately provoking feelings of lust and passion in her from the very first few moments of contact... or the opportunity is lost forever.

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